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IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Permalink: Room Candy Games Announces StripPRS Game For Facebook, MySpace and the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch Room Candy Games Announces StripPRS Game For Facebook, MySpace and the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch

Room Candy Games is taking the concept of dress up games and flipping the genre around with its new "dress down" game StripPRS™, which is short for "Strip Paper-Rock-Scissors". StripPRS™ is a free-to-play social game slated to launch this month on Facebook, MySpace and Apple's iPhone/iPod Touch. The premise of the game is simple - players dress up their avatars and engage in a Paper-Rock-Scissors (PRS) battle with another player, with the losing player's avatar losing his/her clothing items down to only underwear pieces. There will be plenty of interesting clothing items to choose from, to say the least.
"We had planned on creating a dress up type game, but wanted to do something a little different and more fun," explained Linny Cendana, founder and CEO of Room Candy Games. "By combining simple paper-rock-scissors mechanics and making it so that the clothing items are an integral part of the gameplay, we believe this game will appeal to a broad base of Facebook, MySpace and iPhone users, especially female players. In addition, no one really loses in StripPRS™ because it's all about the surprise underneath!"
Source: [www.iPodPalace.com]

Posted under: IPHONE GAMES

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