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IPAD - tiphones.com
iPad demand off the charts, and rising, surveys claim
[20-05-2010] - ComputerWorld.com

As Google lays the smack down against Apple at day two of its I/O conference, a series of positive reports show us Apple's runaway success with the iPad.

Apple is currently selling more iPads than Macs every day, recent analysis states -- and is rapidly approaching the same le [...]

IPAD - tiphones.com
iPad Camera Connection Kit has hidden USB capabilities
[26-04-2010] - arstechnica.com

The iPad Camera Connection Kit is not only a collection of two dock connector dongles designed to help you get photos onto an iPad from nearly any digital camera. It turns out the kit can also help you connect other USB devices to an iPad, making it that much more useful to those [...]

IPAD - tiphones.com
iPad will be a blind-friendly e-book reader
[17-03-2010] - geekwithlaptop.com

As an e-book reader, the iPad won’t have to deal with one of the headaches that has haunted Amazon’s Kindle.

As reported by Wired, when Apple began taking pre-orders for the much-anticipated device on Friday the company offered some details on how its e-books will work. Not on [...]

IPAD - tiphones.com
Why the iPad Will be the E-books Battle Arena
[14-03-2010] - PCWorld.com

Barnes & Noble says it will launch an iPad version of its eReader app, in anticipation of the release of Apple's device on April 3. The app will compete with Apple's own iBook store for e-books, and Amazon could jump on board any time now.

E-books on the iPad have been the sub [...]

IPAD - tiphones.com
AP to Sell News On iPad With Subscription Service
[03-03-2010] - cooltechzone.com

The Associated Press (AP) is interested in selling news on the Apple iPad through a subscription service as the device heads for sale. The AP is interested in charging for its content through a subscription fee over advertising that a lot of Web news content relies on, reports Th [...]

IPAD - tiphones.com
Networks Wary of Apple’s Push to Cut Show Prices
[27-02-2010] - NYTimes.com

If Apple cut the price of each TV episode in half — to 99 cents, from $1.99 — would sales on iTunes increase enough to offset the price drop?

Much of the TV content on iTunes is $1.99, be it the newest “Lost” or an old sitcom. CBS says it will discount some shows.
Experiments [...]

IPAD - tiphones.com
What the Apple iPad really is
[08-02-2010] - infoworld.com

Enough ranting: The iPad isn't what I thought it would be, either. Focus on what it's truly designed for and you may like it

As with the launch of every new Apple product, detractors and enthusiasts have dug in, with one side proclaiming the iPad an instant failure and the oth [...]

IPAD - tiphones.com
The Cost of a $499 iPad: $290 (according to NYTimes)
[06-02-2010] - NYTimes.com

If a 43 percent profit margin sounds about right to you, then Apple Computer has priced its new iPad tablet fairly.

According to a report in Computerworld, the total cost to Apple to market the basic-configuration $499 iPad is just about $290 to pay for material, manufacturing [...]

IPAD - tiphones.com
Exclusive! One of the very first hands-on tests! FOX News hands-on with Apple iPad: Glorious color screen, priced to move
[02-02-2010] - macdailynews.com

"The iPad is an ambitious product that's hard to sum up in a few words, or to assess at all until it's actually available for sale, which won't be for weeks," Harry McCracken reports for FOXNews.com. "Herewith, some early answers to major questions about the device, based on what [...]

IPAD - tiphones.com
Talk about iPad on our new discussion group on Facebook!
[01-02-2010] - www.tiPhones.com

Too much information on iPad and still confused?
Login our iPad discussion group on Facebook by clicking here!

You're welcome, and your opinions too! [...]

IPAD - tiphones.com
The wait is over: iPad from Apple!
[27-01-2010] - www.iPodPalace.com

Right now, Steve Jobs is uncovering the new iPad (the much awaited Apple tablet!)
Stay tuned! [...]

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