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IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
Square: a new credit card swiping app for mobile phones
[15-05-2010] - compareandsave.com

A new mobile phone app which allows individuals to make credit card payments has been officially launched.

Retailers can download 'Square' and then plug a small plastic tube into the headphone jack of an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android phone in order to swipe their cards.

IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
Skype iPhone App Is iPad Compatible, but Lacks 3G Calling
[07-04-2010] - eweek.com

Skype released an updated version of its free iPhone app with iPad compatibility on April 6, but the program does not include support for 3G-enabled Skype calls. While a WiFi-only version of the iPad is currently available, a version of the device with both WiFi and 3G will go on [...]

IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
Rating5.com Launches iPod Video Suite 3.0
[27-02-2010] - Rating5.com

Rating5.com, a leading developer of digital photo editing, video editing and multimedia software, today released iPod Video Suite 3.0, a bundle special offer which contains DVD to iPod Ripper 3.0 and Video to iPod Converter 3.0 for expressing appreciation to their enthusiastic cu [...]

IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
Kodak creates print and share app for iPhone
[13-11-2009] - Kodak.com

Kodak has introduced the Pic Flick print and share application for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch.
Currently available only in the US, the free app allows users to wirelessly print images from their iPhone and iPod Touch on Kodak's recently released Wi-Fi-enabled ESP 5250 All-in- [...]

IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
iBonsai iPhone app: a unique digital abstraction of the bonsai experience
[01-11-2009] - Brainpowerlabs

iBonsai is an application for the iphone which aims to add a bit of poetry to the otherwise chaotic world of digital gadgetry.
The application simulates the art of growing japanese bonsai trees on the mobile device.
IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com Just like Knight Rider! Start your car (and more) from your iPhone or iPod touch
[26-10-2009] - BestBuy

Control the Viper SmartStart remote car-starting system under your hood from the easy-to-use, touch-screen interface right on your iPhone.

BestBuy has an exclusive on the new Viper SmartStart System, which can do a number of things for your wheels:
  • Start your car with vir [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    iPhone Home — For NASA: meet iPhone NASA app
    [26-10-2009] - NASA

    A NASA App for the iPhone and iPod touch is available free of charge at the App Store from Apple. The NASA application will deliver a wealth of information, videos, images and news updates about NASA missions to people's fingertips.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com Metallica Launch Official iPhone App
    [08-10-2009] - Metal Hammer

    Come and see what it does inside!

    Metallica have launched their own LiveMetallica iPhone app!

    A full statement from the band on the iPhone app reads:

    “In our ongoing effor [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Huddle Launches iPhone App, Web Conferencing and Office Integration
    [30-09-2009] - Huddle.net

    Huddle.net has today launched new features for its online enterprise collaboration platform including web conferencing, deep integration with Microsoft Office and an iPhone application. The company also extended its reach to some of the largest telecoms resellers in the US.


    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    iPhone App Store Reviews: Here´s the Problem
    [08-09-2009] - PC World via Yahoo! News

    It's not new to hear gripes that the iPhone's App Store review system is broken, but two recent incidents illustrate just how troublesome the user-powered system can be.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Local maps available for iPhone Tom Tom app
    [28-08-2009] - The New Zealand Herald

    In latest iPhone developments, Tom Tom became available in just a few countries and, rather remarkably, one of those was ours. The expensive (at $119.99) app gives true turn-by-turn directions. Coupled with an in-car power supply...

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    TomTom iPhone Nav App Debuts at $100
    [17-08-2009] - AnandTech

    TomTom debuts its iPhone app on the App Store...

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Product News: LookItUp: A New Search Engine App for Your iPhone
    [01-08-2009] - The Mac Observer

    idealius.com announced the release of LookItUp! 1.0 on Friday. LookItUp is a new search engine app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    12seconds Gets a New iPhone App: Sending Video to Twitter Made Easy
    [01-08-2009] - ReadWriteWeb

    12seconds.tv , an online video service that lets users upload short video clips, just announced its new iPhone application. While the first 12seconds app could only send still pictures and audio, this new version can finally also send real video from the new iPhone 3GS to 12secon [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    iPhone app has us wondering if radio´s future is on demand
    [21-07-2009] - Ars Technica

    Public radio's existing iPhone app was already cool—it allowed listeners to hear public radio stations from across the country on their phones, live. But the new version of the Public Radio Player , released this weekend, adds an incredible new set of features that provide a gl [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    First look: Comcast Mobile App for iPhone
    [17-07-2009] - Macworld.com via Yahoo! News

    Comcast is one of the largest cable TV and Internet service providers in the United States, and the company on Thursday released the Comcast Mobile App for iPhone (iTunes Store link), which allows you to access some of Comcastà¢s services from your iPhone or iPod touch over Wi-Fi [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    iPhone App Store 1 Year Later: Apple´s Highs and Lows
    [12-07-2009] - PC World via Yahoo! News

    Apple may enjoy smugly tooting its own horn, but it is particularly puffed-up today while celebrating a year of the iPhone and iPod Touch App Store.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    ´Battery Go!´ App Measures iPhone Battery to the Minute
    [07-07-2009] - PC Magazine

    The many devotees of the Apple iPhone and iPod touch know that its Achilles heel is its short battery life. An interesting 99-cent app tells you exactly how much battery life is left, in hours and minutes.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Dexigner iPhone Application Now Available on Apple App Store
    [06-07-2009] - PRWeb

    Dexigner announced the release of the new Dexigner app for iPhone and iPod touch, an ideal companion for designers and design lovers. (PRWeb Jul 6, 2009) Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2009/07/prweb2609974.htm

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    First iPhone nav app, but not from TomTom
    [23-06-2009] - ZDNet Australia

    The first navigation app with turn-by-turn instructions has hit iPhone's App Store and - guess what? - it's not the TomTom app that was revealed at this year's Apple developer's conference to such fanfare.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Designing a killer iPhone app could net you big bucks
    [16-06-2009] - KHQ Spokane

    SPOKANE, Wash. - You've likely seen Apple's "There's an app for that" commercials which tout the plethora of applications for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    bChamp: The iPhone App That Beatboxes For You
    [12-06-2009] - TechCrunch

    At the TechFellow event on Friday, we had the opportunity to demo a musical mobile app that lets you beatbox on your iPhone. Developed by Dutch startup Monodomo, bChamp is $0.99 at the app store. The video gives you a clearer idea of how the app works. bChamp will translate sound [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    PMSI Develops Air New Zealand´s iPhone Tour Guide App
    [03-06-2009] - Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance

    PORTLAND, Ore.----PMSI, Inc. is proud to present Air New Zealand's iPhone app, London. Spot-Onâ„¢, a free download that helps London-bound travelers to find hidden hot spots ranging from the best shopping destinations to local dining favorites.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    iPhone 3.0 hands on video
    [29-05-2009] - Engadget

    We know that some time has passed by since the first iPhone 3.0 sighting, but this video is still updated with all infos.

    That's why we re-posted it, enjoy!


    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    ExactTarget Introduces iPhone App for Email Marketing
    [19-05-2009] - Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance

    INDIANAPOLIS----On-demand email and one-to-one marketing solutions provider ExactTarget launched its iPhone app today, giving marketers the industry's first mobile solution to track and interact with their email marketing campaigns.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    SunPower Releases First Solar Monitoring iPhone App
    [19-05-2009] - Fast Company Magazine

    SunPower's new iPhone application makes it easy to monitor solar panel performance on the go. The application is just one part of the SunPower Monitoring System, which keeps track of SunPower solar panel performance with an in-home wall-mounted LCD display and an Internet-based p [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    New iPhone App Makes Microsoft Office Mobile
    [15-05-2009] - PC World

    Citrix Receiver iPhone app lets you run a variety of desktop apps from your iPhone.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Imeem´s new iPhone app helps overcome storage limits
    [15-05-2009] - CNET

    Newly released, the iPhone app for this popular music service lets you stream songs from your online Imeem account to your handset.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    iPhone SlingPlayer App Available, But Only with Wi-Fi
    [14-05-2009] - NewsFactor via Yahoo! News

    Since the iPhone was first launched, consumers have been eagerly waiting for one application to appear in Apple's App Store. That is SlingPlayer Mobile, and it became available for download on Wednesday.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    New Elvis App Available Today for iPhone
    [13-05-2009] - WREG-TV Memphis

    New Elvis App Available Today for iPhone Free Elvis app for iPhone Debuts

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Reebok targets trainer addicts with iPhone app
    [13-05-2009] - Revolution

    LONDON - Reebok has launched an iPhone app that allows users to customise and purchase a pair of trainers through their mobile phones.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Seventh-graders create iPhone app
    [12-05-2009] - Chicago Sun-Times

    Sam Kaplan and Louie Harboe's company, Tapware, is one of the more promising technology startups in Chicago. Based in Hyde Park with guidance and a bit of seed funding from one of the University of Chicago' s top business school professors, Tapware recently released its first iPh [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Kindle iPhone App Draws Closer To Cutting Out The Kindle Middle Man
    [11-05-2009] - TechCrunch

    Amazon releasing a Kindle iPhone app shortly after the introduction of the Kindle 2 was a brilliant move. It seemed to show that the emphasis was on the platform, not just one device. And that it was interested in making its customers happy. Unfortunately, to use the Kindle iPhon [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    App Store restrictions to loosen with iPhone 3.0?
    [05-05-2009] - MacNN

    Content restrictions at the App Store may lower significantly with the advent of iPhone 3.0, reports say. In tandem with iTunes 8.2, the next iPhone firmware is said to offer the choice of limiting app access by age. Parental controls divide access into 4+, 9+, 12+ and 17+ catego [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    New App Lets iPhone Print to any Epson Printer
    [04-05-2009] - I4U

    There have been more than a few times when I wanted to print something from my iPhone to a printer nearby. Epson has announced a new app for the iPhone that lets users print to any Epson printer directly from the smartphone. The app is called the EuroSm...

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Apple Rejects Nine Inch Nails iPhone App
    [03-05-2009] - Slashdot

    jarrettwold2002 writes "Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails announced via his Twitter account today, 'Apple rejects the NIN iPhone update because it contains objectionable content. The objectionable content referenced is "The Downward Spiral."' The initial NIN Access iPhone app garne [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Zillow´s killer real estate voyeur app for the iPhone
    [29-04-2009] - Seattle Times

    It's hard to get too worked up about iPhone applications now that jillions are available, but the new Zillow iPhone App debuting tonight is amazing.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Sling Is "Optimistic" SlingPlayer iPhone App Will Be Approved Soon [IPhone Apps]
    [27-04-2009] - Gizmodo

    Sling's updated their SlingPlayer iPhone app page, saying they're in "close contact" with Apple and are "optimistic" it'll be approved soon. Sling submitted it over a month ago, so it's pretty late....

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    DirecTV phone app, via iPhone, beats DVR in programming ease
    [20-04-2009] - Denver Post

    It's not often that a phone app is better than the original program. But in this case, the free DirecTV phone app, which lets you use your iPhone to tell your digital video recorder to grab your favorite shows, beats the DVR itself.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Quickoffice for iPhone arrives in the App Store
    [19-04-2009] - ZDNet

    I had a chance to sit down with the Quickoffice folks at CTIA and was extremely impressed with the application. Since you can never tell when applications will appear in the App Store I have been checking it every day and searching for Quickoffice. I was pleased to finally see it [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Vampire Hunter D Manga Posted on Uclink´s iPhone App
    [15-04-2009] - Anime News Network

    The online comic distributor Uclick and the North American manga company Digital Manga Publishing have announced that the Vampire Hunter D manga is now available on Apple's App Store for iPhone and iPod touch mobile devices. The first volume is available on the online store in si [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Wattpad Top Download On iPhone App Store
    [14-04-2009] - PhoneContent.com

    Toronto, Canada (March 26, 2009) -- Wattpad, the world's most popular ebook sharing community, today announced that its popular iPhone application has propelled to the Top 4 spot in US, Canada, Australia and many other countries just two weeks after its launch on the App Store.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    MacProVideo to release iPhone video training app
    [12-04-2009] - Macworld UK

    MacProVideo, a company that specialises in providing pro training videos for Mac users, has submitted an app to the App Store that will allow you to watch the tutorials on your iPhone or iPod.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    New iPhone app works by bump, not touch
    [09-04-2009] - PhysOrg

    It is somehow fitting that University of Chicago business school students would develop an iPhone app that works by bump, not touch, on Apple's famed screen. After all, it was a former U of C professor, President Barack Obama, and his wife, Michelle, who helped to popularize the [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Read It Later´s new iPhone app works offline
    [09-04-2009] - CNET

    Want to read stories you've saved while online for reading offline on your iPhone? The service's new iPhone app lets you do it.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Yelp to release new iPhone app
    [03-04-2009] - CNET

    Twitter-like "quick tips" are front and center on the next iteration of its iPhone app, which the company says is responsible for a full five percent of its traffic.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Skype for iPhone Lands at Apple App Store
    [01-04-2009] - InternetNews.com

    The new Internet phone app for iPhone makes its debut as the company defends limiting calls to Wi-Fi only.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    MLB releases iPhone app with game audio
    [31-03-2009] - Macworld.com via Yahoo! News

    Major League Baseball Advanced Media announced Sunday that it has released MLB.com At Bat 2009, this year's edition of its iPhone utility that allows baseball fans to stay up-to-date with the latest scores and highlights. The app is available now on the App Store.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    iPhone App Refund Policies Could Cost Devs
    [28-03-2009] - Slashdot

    CBRcrash writes "Apparently, if iPhone users decide that they want a refund for an app (users can get a refund within 90 days, according to Apple policy), Apple requires that developers give back the money they received from the sale. But, here's the kicker: Apple will refund the [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    HearPlanet adds map to audio tour guide iPhone app
    [28-03-2009] - CNET

    HearPlanet offers premium version of its iPhone app that adds interactive map and human voices to the "talking tour guide" program.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    iPhone App Developers Gripe About Payment Delays and Dismal Customer Service
    [25-03-2009] - TechCrunch

    Are iPhone app developers getting paid on time from Apple? Not all of them. On this iPhone developer forum , there are numerous threads from developers who are complaining about delays in payments for January and not being paid the amount of money the developers are in fact due f [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    The Non-Killer App: Grow a Tree from your iPhone
    [24-03-2009] - Fast Company Magazine

    Environmentally-minded iPhone applications abound , but the iPhorest might just be the first to let you plant a tree without lifting a finger. After downloading the $4.99 app, the iPhorest lets you go through the virtual act of planting a tree--digging a hole, planting a seedling [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Sybase Launches Enterprise-Ready iPhone Solution on the App Store
    [23-03-2009] - Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance

    DUBLIN, Calif.----Sybase , an industry leader in delivering enterprise and mobile software, today announced a new version of iAnywhere® Mobile Office with expanded iPhone support and availability on the iPhone App Store.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Following The iPhone, Social Tagging App Sekai Camera Will Be Released For Android, Too
    [21-03-2009] - TechCrunch

    Does Android dream of Sekai Camera? The answer is yes. The augmented reality app, which was unveiled for the first time during TechCrunch 50 last September , isn't iPhone-only anymore. Sekai Camera is supposed to make it possible for phone users to tag objects and locations in th [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    UIEvolution Brings the First Xbox 360 Achievement Guide to the iPhone
    [20-03-2009] - www.ConsoleShock.com

    UIEvolution, the global leader of digital multimedia publishing software, today announces the iPhone release of the Unofficial Xbox Achievement Guide, the most comprehensive guide for achievement games on the Xbox 360. The iPhone resource guide provides access to thousands of 360 [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    CLIF BAR iPhone App Shows Ski Resort Weather Conditions, Eco Efforts
    [20-03-2009] - Fast Company Magazine

    CLIF BAR's new Save our Snow (SOS) iPhone app may be a little late for ski season, but it's a handy tool nonetheless. The free application displays snow, temperature, the percentage of lifts open and wind conditions at over 500 North American ski resorts. There's even a cutesy fe [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Apple touts iPhone and App Store stats
    [18-03-2009] - Macworld.com via Yahoo! News

    As with most Apple gatherings, Tuesday's iPhone 3.0 event began with an impressive laundry list of statistics touting the continued success of the iPhone and the App Store.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    iPhone App Causes Google To Shut Down SMS Service
    [16-03-2009] - Slashdot

    An anonymous reader writes "A few days ago, Inner Fence released a paid iPhone app called Infinite SMS, which let iPhone users employ Google's free SMS gateway to send SMS messages without paying their service providers. The resulting surge in traffic on Google's SMS gateway forc [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Cat Twitter app for iPhone lets cats post thoughts
    [16-03-2009] - MacNN

    TLA Systems has released Twitkitteh: Cat Twitter, an iPhone and iPod touch application designed to make it possible for a user's cat to post their thoughts. Featuring a multi-paw interface shaped to represent a catà­s paw, the program enables the cat to post comments to Twitter o [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Sirius XM confirms satellite radio iPhone app
    [14-03-2009] - MacNN

    After avoiding declaring bankruptcy last month, Sirius XM has announced plan to stream its subscription radio service to the iPhone and iPod touch this spring as part of the company's latest fiscal results conference call. The new app will let either Apple device receive Sirius o [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    NiceMac scraps StarPlayr Sirius iPhone app
    [10-03-2009] - MacNN

    NiceMac has announced that since its StarPlayr Sirius radio app has failed to receive approval at Apple's App Store, it will be scrapping the entire StarPlayr project. Back in January, NiceMac submitted the iPhone app for approval and waited roughly a month before receiving a sta [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    iPhone: Renegade app store opens but Apple wants to kill it
    [10-03-2009] - TG Daily

    Yes, Apple's App Store carries great stuff for your iPhone. But some of the best applications Apple banned from the App Store are now found at an unauthorized store, called Cydia. Many have not yet heard of Cydia because it cannot be used unless you jailbreak your iPhone, a hacki [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Instapaper bookmarking service has iPhone app
    [03-03-2009] - San Francisco Chronicle

    Bookmarking services aren't new - Del.icio.us and Furl are among the best known - but Instapaper gets my vote for its simplicity and its free iPhone app, which lets you read bookmarked articles offline in a clean, simple format. First, install Instapaper's "... [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    RailCorp targets rogue iPhone app
    [03-03-2009] - ZDNet Australia

    NSW state corporation RailCorp has threatened a Sydney software developer with legal action if he fails to withdraw a train timetable application that is currently the second most popular application in its category in Apple's App Store.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    How To Build An iPhone App: A Guide
    [22-02-2009] - Mashable

    Some iPhone app developers blog about the process of developing their apps. Some even make videos. One development company - Ten23 Software - has gone much further. The company has created an entire 37 page guide to the development process (below), decisions they made and wha [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    AirPhones: Wireless Headphone Software Solution
    [21-02-2009] - TheAfterMac

    AirPhones: Wireless Headphone Software Solution

    TheAfterMac blog posted an interesting review for an iPhone app a lot of us has been waiting for: a wireless streaming app for iPhone/iPod touch!

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com Sygic demos turn-by-turn nav app for iPhone
    [19-02-2009] - MacNN

    Slovakian company Sygic at the Mobile World Congress demoed an iPhone app that provides turn-by-turn directions, according to The iPhone blog. The native app also provides voice prompts, points of interest, international support and local map storage on the device. Content for Eu [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    The Official Reddit iPhone App Arrives
    [16-02-2009] - ReadWriteWeb

    The wait is over for all of you that have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the official Reddit iPhone application. According to a post this afternoon by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian , iReddit has arrived and is available for download at the App Store. Not only do [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    The Official Reddit iPhone App Arrives
    [15-02-2009] - ReadWriteWeb

    The wait is over for all of you that have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the official Reddit iPhone application. According to a post this afternoon by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian , iReddit has arrived and is available for download at the App Store. Not only do [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Techie Pops the Question with Homemade iPhone App [Happy Valentine´s Day]
    [15-02-2009] - Gizmodo

    In a triumph for dorks everywhere, mastery of technology actually landed somebody a girl. Bryan Haggerty created an iPhone App to lead his ladyfriend on a scavenger hunt through San Francisco, ending...

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Small London iPhone app start-up gets two-million customers in first month
    [13-02-2009] - Macworld UK

    London-based Apple iPhone app developer GreatApps is celebrating two million downloads in its first month on the iTunes store. iSteam is a free app for iPhone and iPod touch which has been described as "genius" by David Pogue of The New York Times.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Review: LCD Clock iPhone App Proves to Be Wimpy [Hands On]
    [13-02-2009] - Gizmodo

    When I discovered the LCD Clock iPhone app, I was thrilled because I have trouble getting to work on time every morning. For a $1, it wasn't the clock I needed in my life. I needed something that...

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Psyclops debuts Dance Mixer app for iPhone
    [11-02-2009] - MacNN

    Psyclops has launched an iPhone app based on its website and iPod cases, Psyclops Dance Mixer. The program lets users create their own music video using a selection of characters, beats and animated movies. In order to create a video, users simply pick a character, combine a vari [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    iRock app turns iPhone into guitar amplifier
    [10-02-2009] - MacNN

    Mark's Recording Studio has launched iRock 1.0, an app for the iPhone that converts it into a guitar amplifier. The app includes six amplifier simulations combined with five cabinet emulators. It has hi, low and mid tone controls along with gain and drive control. iRock supports [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Apple Rejects Obama Trampoline iPhone App, Leaves Us Puzzled
    [09-02-2009] - TechCrunch

    Video game developer Swamiware was surprised to see its latest iPhone app rejected by Apple, and so are we. The application was a harmless game that let you select a known U.S. politician (both republicans and democrats) and have him/her jump a virtual trampoline. You could use t [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Review: An iPhone App for Your 2-Year-Old
    [04-02-2009] - Wired News

    I See Ewe, an iPhone app for young children, works because it's based on a solid understanding of early childhood education theory.

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Death Cab for Cutie: The iPhone App
    [04-02-2009] - Pitchfork

    Death Cab for Cutie are moving into the future. Won't you join them? For DCFC fans with iPhones, this new app is a no-brainer-- it's classy, useful, free. We predict this is only the beginning of the band iPhone app craze, and it sets a solid precedent. Best bits: A sh [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Crackulous released, promises to bust iPhone app protection scheme
    [02-02-2009] - Engadget

    If Apple's sat back and let the iPhone hacking community do its thing in peace (well, relative peace) so far , this little gem just might be what the doctor ordered to stir up the crap. Crackulous -- available now in beta form through Cydia -- claims to be able to strip t [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    App-a-Day: SnapTell for the iPhone
    [02-02-2009] - San Francisco Chronicle

    SnapTell lets you take pictures of certain products to get more information about them and even make a purchase in some cases, similar to the Amazon mobile iPhone app. But while Amazon limits you to its own universe, SnapTell gives you access to many... [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    iPhone app lets users add Light to pictures
    [01-02-2009] - MacNN

    Digital Film Tools has launched Light for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app attempts to add realistic light or shadowing effects to pictures, using digital versi [...]

    IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
    Discover Which iPhone Apps Your Friends Are Using
    [31-01-2009] - Mashable

    Discover Which iPhone Apps Your Friends Are Using
    It seems like everyone has an iPhone or at least an iPod Touch these days, and we\'re all anxious to share our personal favs and app horror stories with our friends. Unfortunately, there hasn\'t been an easy way to compare our ap [...]