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IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
HSBC offers business banking to iPhone users
[25-06-2009] - vnunet.com

HSBC has become the first financial institution to offer business banking on the Apple iPhone and iPod touch handsets.

The HSBC Business Internet Banking service has been optimised for the Apple devices, and offers quick and easy access to secure, real-time banking information [...]

IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
Scoot launches business finder app for iPhone
[26-05-2009] - Netimperative

Online business directory, Scoot.co.uk, has launched a new location-based iPhone application that helps mobile users find information about local businesses.

IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
iPodObserver - Analyst: Enterprise Support Good News for iPhone
[09-03-2008] - The Mac Observer

Apple's move to add enterprise features to the iPhone is good news for the company and for corporate users alike, according to American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu. The biggest news from Thursday's enterprise and SDK event, according to Mr. Wu, was that the iPhone will be [...]

IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
HyperOffice Adds Business Tools to iPhone
[12-02-2008] - Intranet Journal

HyperOffice, a leading provider of enterprise collaboration software, has announced the public beta of its collaboration tools that connect the Apple iPhone to corporate email, contacts, calendars, notes, and tasks.

IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
iPhone turns blue as IBM creates Lotus client
[17-01-2008] - The Register

Who says the iPhone is consumer-only? The Register has confirmed that IBM is developing a Lotus Notes client for the iPhone, and that they are "working closely" with Apple to create a native application for the iPhone and iPod Touch for business use.…

IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
Microsoft Plans to Port Office Documents to the Apple iPod and iPhone
[03-12-2007] - www.iPodPalace.com

According to Microsoft's Mac Mojo blog this week, Office 2008 when released will allow PowerPoint presentations to be converted into photos, which in turn can then be transferred to an iPod through Apple's iTunes software. Microsoft plans to ship the Mac version of its new Office [...]

IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
ValueRich, the magazine that ´´Thinks Small-cap,´´ is now available for the iPhone
[17-11-2007] - FinanzNachrichten

ValueRich, Inc. is pleased to announce that ValueRich magazine is now available for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch.
Apple has sold approximately 1.5 million of the tremendously popular iPhone in the United States and Europe.

Readers around the world can now use their iPhone [...]

IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
Business E-Mail Users Are All Thumbs With iPhone, Survey Finds
[15-11-2007] - TechWeb via Yahoo! News

While iPhone owners entered text as rapidly as QWERTY owners, they made significantly more texting errors, according to a report from User Centric.

IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
IT pros use iPhone, iPod touch for support
[08-11-2007] - www.iPodPalace.com

Network admins get iPhone/iPod touch support from MIR3 MIR3 has made IT infrastructure management software solutions usable through the Apple iPhone and iPod touch.

IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
iPhone Week: Tip of the Day - Contact Scrolling
[03-11-2007] - Pocket-lint via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News

Helping you get the most out of the iPhone

IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
The iPod touch: A business tool, too
[23-10-2007] - Macworld UK

Apple's new iPod touch is a revolutionary device, much like its iPhone cousin. It offers in one svelte package a host of cool features, everything from web browsing over WiFi to VPN access and a host of enterprise-useful apps. Sure, you can listen to music, but there's also a pra [...]

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