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IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Nokia E71 Is a Legit iPhone Killer We´re Serious This Time
[28-07-2008] - Wired News

There may be a glut of devices trying to beat the iPhone out there but none of them come close to eclipsing the Jesus phone. Now we have a true contender. The Nokia E71 is everything the iPhone 3G isn't: open source, easy to type on, loaded with a decent camera and great business [...]

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Sprint to sell IPhone-like device
[12-04-2008] - www.MobilePhonesBargains.com

Sprint to make big push for new touch-screen IPhone-like device

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Nokia Intends To Take A Bite Out Of Apple
[11-04-2008] - Forbes

Finnish handset giant aims to roll out its iPhone rival later this year.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
More Sightings of Nokia´s Touchscreen Mobile Phone
[09-04-2008] - www.MobilePhonesBargains.com

Nokia's rumoured iPhone competitor was shown on a powerpoint slide at the Evans Data Developer Relations Conference on Monday. The handset, code-named as 'tube' showed the familiar touch-screen user interface and was demo'd with a movie playback.

"It's our first touch device," [...]

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
N95 bests iPhone in mobile browsing stats by 6 to 1?
[09-03-2008] - All About Symbian

Showing that you really can't believe every stat you read without knowing the exact context, and remembering the attention some USA mobile browsing stats got when they announced that Apple iPhone browser use trumped that of any other device, I was interested to see stats from res [...]

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
C-002 HiPhone - chinese er... iPhone-alike
[07-02-2008] - RedFerret

This C-002 HiPhone mobile phone is a beauty, no?
Imagine a 3.5 inch touchscreen, dual SIM slots, tri-band, MP3 player, video recording, Bluetooth and…wait for it…auto-screen rotation. Hold my heart, for it pumps too wild.
But I know what you’re asking.
Will it fool the girl [...]

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
iPhone Rival Touch Sold Half as Many Handsets
[21-01-2008] - PC World

HTC reports it sold last year 2 million of the Microsoft-based smartphones developed to compete with iPhone.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Microsoft won´t launch iPhone rival - report
[09-01-2008] - Reuters via Yahoo! Singapore News

FRANKFURT, Jan 9 - U.S. software group Microsoft will not launch a product that competes directly with Apple Inc's iPhone, Chairman Bill Gates said in an interview with Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Challengers to iPhone outperform in some ways
[06-01-2008] - Deseret Morning News

Although the iPhone harmonizes smart-phone components better than its rivals, it isn't perfect.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Motorola Turns to Tat for "iPhone Killer"
[11-12-2007] - Computer Business Online via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News

Motorola is to license a graphical user interface from The Astonishing Tribe (Tat), a Malmo, Sweden-based company that an increasing number of mobile handset makers are turning to in order to develop an "iPhone killer" model to counter Apples entry into the market.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
USD 200 Chinese iPhone-knockoff ships worldwide
[09-12-2007] - MacNN

A new Chinese iPhone knock-off (Meizu M8/miniOne) is being sold on the internet, billed as "High quality copy UNLOCKED IPHONE AV-P688 SIMILAR STYPLE IPOD GSM CELL PHONE [...]

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
LG Voyager proves a worthy competitor against the iPhone
[08-12-2007] - The Record Searchlight

Though designed as the "iPhone killer," the new Voyager from LG doesn't quite hit that lofty target. However, it surpasses the iPhone in some ways and surely makes for an overall great texting device and a pretty cool phone.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
iPhone "Killers" Verizon Voyager and Sprint HTC Touch Create A Viable And Green Accessories Market
[08-12-2007] - PRWeb via Yahoo! News

iPhone Competitors Verizon Voyager and Sprint HTC Touch create a robust screen-touch accessories market for the 2007 holiday season and new year.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Ballmer on iPhone and mobile competition
[04-12-2007] - News.com

CNet News.com speaks with Microsoft CEO on the iPhone, mobile competitors and market at large.

Quite interesting.

[Windows not needed to view video interview] [...]

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Google´s Android vs. Apple´s iPhone: Which is More Secure?
[03-12-2007] - Datamation

Examining the two platforms on a feature by feature basis, the Android appears far more promising in guarding against hackers.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Bell aims to steal iPhone thunder with limitless data on rival device
[22-11-2007] - Toronto Star

With the iPhone expected to land in the lap of a key rival, Bell Canada Inc. is hoping to make its own splash by offering a competing touch-screen device with what appears to be the country's first unlimited wireless data plan.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Inside The GPhone: What To Expect From Google´s Android Alliance
[15-11-2007] - TechWeb via Yahoo! News

If you think the Google Phone is all talk, you're wrong: Here are eight technologies--GPS, multimedia, mobile Web browsing, gaming graphics, and more--which Open Handset Alliance members will bring to the upcoming mobile handset.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Google to announce mobile platform Monday; target: iPhone?
[04-11-2007] - Addict 3D

Google negotiators this weekend continue to hammer out agreements with wireless carriers, handset makers, software developers and hardware providers, as the company prepares to announce on Monday an ambitious platform for creating mobile applications.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
News: Competitors downplay iPhone´s enterprise appeal
[25-10-2007] - MacCentral Online

Wireless handset makers at the CTIA wireless industry convention agree that Apple's iPhone does e-mail, Web browsing, media, and voice very well, but don't think it will threaten their enterprise customer base.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
A First Tussle With Linux´s iPhone Killer: The OpenMoko Neo1973
[25-10-2007] - Wired News

The next great mobile hope for Linux, the Neo1973, has arrived. Wired News has a first look at the most promising open source alternative to the iPhone.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
IOGEAR GearJuice Charger Now iPhone Compatible
[25-10-2007] - Addict 3D

Heavy iPhone users will like the announcement made today by IOGEAR. IOGEAR now says that the GearJuice Mobile Pocket Power device works with the iPhone.The GearJuice device is supplied with six adapters that allow it to power multiple gadgets from Blackber...

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Nokia Targets the iPhone and BlackBerry Markets
[22-10-2007] - ComputerWire via Yahoo!7 News

Nokia has RIMs BlackBerry and the Apple iPhone in its sights now it has built its mobile handset market share up to 39%, more than its nearest three competitors combined. Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo said he is "paranoid" about competitors. We need to beat, not match, the compe [...]

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Skype Cell Phone To Launch At The End Of October
[19-10-2007] - InformationWeek

According to a report from BusinessWeek , VoIP service Skype will be available on an IP-powered cell phone offered by carrier 3 in the U.K., Italy, Hong Kong, and Australia in "late October." Holy VoIP, Batman, it's a full-IP mobility.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Sprint offering rival to iPhone
[18-10-2007] - The Myrtle Beach Sun News

It's official: Touch screens are the big new thing in cell phones this holiday season. Sprint Nextel Corp. announced Wednesday it is jumping on the bandwagon with the Touch by HTC. Like Apple Inc.'s iPhone, this smart phone has only a few buttons and is designed to be controlled [...]

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Nokia Adding Touch Interface to S60 Phones
[17-10-2007] - DesignTechnica

Nokia has announced its S60 smartphone software platform will offer touch interface capabilities, enabling new intuitive application interfaces.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Google ´ready to take on Apple iPhone next year´
[14-10-2007] - Independent

Google's share price last week broke through the $600 (£300) ceiling and looks set to rise even higher, with a strong set of results expected this week and the company poised to enter lucrative new markets.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Usability test: Apple iPhone vs its rivals
[13-10-2007] - PC Advisor

iPhone, Nokia N95 & HTC Touch usability compared The Apple iPhone's UK launch date is just around the corner but, after all the build-up, is it worth your hard-earned cash? We found out whether the iPhone lives up the hype by testing it against two of its closes rivals - the N [...]

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Japanese Device Challenges iPhone
[08-10-2007] - PC World via Yahoo! News

Apple Inc.'s iPhone may still have the world's heart aflutter, despite a sharp price cut that stiffed early adopters and the recent release of a software update that turned some unlocked iPhones into electronic bricks. But there's more to the world of cell phones than Apple, and [...]

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