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IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
We Rule for iPhone: your personal mobile feudal reign - almost Farmville!
[28-03-2010] - Ngmoco

Let's admit it, we can't look forware for Zynga to release any Farmville sort-of for iPhone & iPod touch.
In the meantime, meet Ngmoco's We Rule for iPhone.

In a nutsh [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Hexen II coming to iPhone and iPod?
[27-02-2010] - ipodnn.com

The first-person shooter Hexen II, originally developed by Raven and published by id in 1997, could soon be available for the iPhone and iPod touch. Developer Vimov says it has been working on a port of the game, using publicly available source code. The title is set in a fantasy [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Rock Band for iPhone Hits The App Store!!!
[19-10-2009] - Washington Post

The much anticipated and hyped Rock Band for iPhone and iPod Touch is out! We first scooped the news of the launch of the app a few weeks ago. Shortly afterwards, Rock Band for the iPhone/iPod touch was officially announced by Electronic Arts. The app costs $9.99 and can be found [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Doom Resurrection Released for IPhone, IPod Touch
[30-06-2009] - http://www.pcworld.com/article/167579/doom_resurrection_released_for_iphone_ipod_touch.html

Id Software's Doom Resurrection is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch. It's a $10 download from the App Store.

An all-new first person shooter action game created exclusively for the iPhone platform, Doom Resurrection uses art assets and concepts originally developed [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Room Candy Games Announces StripPRS Game For Facebook, MySpace and the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch
[03-06-2009] - www.iPodPalace.com

Room Candy Games is taking the concept of dress up games and flipping the genre around with its new "dress down" game StripPRS™, which is short for "Strip Paper-Rock-Scissors". StripPRS™ is a free-to-play social game slated to launch this month on Facebook, MySpace and Apple's iP [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
World of Warcraft Comes to iPhone
[26-04-2009] - TechCrunch

Well, we had a good run. The Renaissance, going to the Moon, inventing the Snuggie ... but all that's done now. World of Warcraft is no longer restricted to home and laptop use. Its grip on humanity will be total. Penny Arcade was remarkably prescient in this case; I wonder who S [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
News: Namco releases Galaga Remix for iPhone, iPod touch
[08-04-2009] - iLounge

Namco has released Galaga Remix, its latest game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game includes both the arcade classic Galaga and an enhanced Remix version, featuring six unique boss battles, nine different power-ups, new background images, an updated dual-fighter mode, and a [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Retro Classic With 21st Century Edge - Vector Tanks Available Worldwide on the iPhone and iPod Touch!
[23-02-2009] - www.iPodPalace.com

Remember BattleZone from the early 80s? (if you're old enough...)

Chillingo Ltd, Europe's premier iPhone publisher has teamed up with Peter Hirschberg to deliver Vector Tanks - a 3D vector style shooter game on the iPhone and
iPod Touch.

< [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
News: Puzzle MMORPG Aurora Feint II shown for iPhone, iPod touch
[20-11-2008] - www.iPodPalace.com

Now operating under the corporate name Aurora Feint Inc., developers Danielle Cassley and Jason Citron have unveiled Aurora Feint II: The Arena for the iPhone and iPod touch. Based on the original RPG-slash-block-matching game Aurora Feint: The Beginning, the new game is describe [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
United Lemur announces Puzzllotto for iPhone
[13-10-2008] - Macworld

United Lemur, a group of veteran Mac and iPhone developers, on Thursday announced the company's first product, Puzzllotto for iPhone. Available sometime in
the next few weeks for $4.99, Puzzllotto is described as an “exploration puzzle game,” in the spirit of Zork and Myst, set [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Chillingo and Mobile Stream Join Forces to Deliver Jackpot Casino - the First Casino Simulation Game for the iPhone ...
[13-10-2008] - PRWeb via Yahoo! News

Chillingo Ltd, Europe's leading iPhone publisher has joined forces with Mobile Stream development studio to launch Jackpot Casino on the iPhone and iPod Touch, available through the Apple App Store worldwide.

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Forbes: App Store the DS killer
[27-09-2008] - GameSpot

In an editorial, venerable financial magazine claims Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch are well positioned to topple Nintendo's successful portable from the handheld gaming throne.

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Apple iPod nano and iPod touch: iPodPalace.com exclusive content, photos and videos
[13-09-2008] - iPodPalace.com

ipod nano 4gOur partner site iPodPalace.com has been attending Apple's official presentation of the new iPod lineup.

Check this page for mor [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Call of Cthulhu Game Headed to IPhone
[04-09-2008] - PC World

Digital Jokers, a Spain-based developer of mobile games, has announced plans to bring a graphical adventure game based on H.P. Lovecraft's legendary horror stories to the iPhone. "Call of Cthulhu: The Darkness Within" is due for release sometime in September, according to the dev [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
newtonica an Original Game for the iPhone
[29-08-2008] - www.iPodPalace.com

TOKYO----Field System is set to offer worldwide availability of its original game, "newtonica," developed for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch platforms, through App Store .

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Spore Origins Game For iPod First
[26-08-2008] - MacRumors.com

EA's Spore Origins has arrived for the Classic iPod and iPod Nano (not compatible with iPhone or iPod touch) well ahead of its multiplatform launch scheduled for September 7th.

The $4.99 game offers an early look at Spore Origins which is also expected for release on the iPhon [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Konami Brings Frogger to IPhone and IPod Touch
[07-08-2008] - PC World

Konami Digital Entertainment on Wednesday announced the release of Frogger for iPhone and iPod touch.

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
PlayStation Games Emulated On Apple iPhone
[12-12-2007] - Zodttd.com

The appropriately named PSX4iPhone homebrew application allows you to enjoy classic PlayStation games from the comfort of your Apple iPhone. As with any emulator software, PSX4iPhone -- in and of itself -- is not illegal.

From the Home of Homebrew:

My very first b [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Iphone Blackjack requires little on-device processing
[10-12-2007] - The Inquirer

ACCORDING TO Probability's CEO, Charles Cohen, the solution to putting gambling games onto the Iphone is to take the client/server approach. There's very little onboard processing involved.

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
GameBoy Advance emulator for iPhone, iPod Touch
[19-11-2007] - MacNN

Developer ZodTTD has released a new update to gbSPhone 0.0.5, a GameBoy Advance emulator for the iPod touch and iPhone.

Although it is a small increment from 0.0.4, the developer said that it is a crucial update, introducing an improved graphical user interface and enhanced s [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Game developer pleads for iPhone chance
[07-10-2007] - Macworld UK

Independent game developer Isotope 244 has released Machines at War, a turn-based strategy game that combines qualities of that genre with arcade style game-play.