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IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
iPhone Hack: Changing the Camera Focus
[30-08-2008] - www.iPodPalace.com

Apple's iPhone and iPhone 3G include a fixed-focus camera, which is fine for most photos you might take with the combination iPod and smartphone, but not it you want to take close-up shots. Daniel Forsythe has a hack to change that, but only for the brave and daring iPhone owners [...]

IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
Firmware hack allows any app on iPhone
[17-03-2008] - The New Zealand Herald

A team of iPhone hackers claim to have modified the new beta 2.0 firmware to make the must-have mobile work with any service provider, and run any application.

IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
ZiPhone: jailbreak any version iPhone out of the box, including 1.1.4
[04-03-2008] - ZiPhone.org

iPhone hacker Zibri's just released a new app he's calling ZiPhone, which claims to jailbreak any version iPhone -- including new 1.1.4 phones right out of the box -- without messy downgrades and baseband changes.

Where to start from? Version 2.5c IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com How To Hack An iPhone
[08-02-2008] - CRN

Wireless Imports demonstrates how to adjust your iPhone to work on any GSM network.

IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
Hack Turns iPhone Camera Into HD Camcorder
[14-12-2007] - Slashdot

An anonymous reader writes "Monsters and Friends has just released the beta of Drunknbass, a new iPhone hack that allows the unit's camera to capture video. 'While the iPhone's 2.0 megapixel camera resolution [...]

IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
AFP Hack Gives Read/Write Access to iPhone, iPod Touch
[12-11-2007] - Tuaw.com

An iPhone hacker, known as Core, has managed to finalize an AppleTalk Filing Protocol hack that enables full read/write access to either an iPhone, or iPod touch, via Finder. Unfortunately, the work has just been completed, and as yet, it is not available via Installer.app. If yo [...]

IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
More than 100,000 iPhone owners break out of jail
[01-11-2007] - CNET

The release of an easy-to-install method of getting third-party applications onto the iPhone prompted about 144,000 downloads of the software in three days.

IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
Revirginizer Tool Makes iPhone Firmware 1.1.1 Safe For Unlocked Phones
[25-10-2007] - MobileMag

So, you got yourself an Apple iPhone very early on. You enjoyed its multi-touch display and loved it even more when you could hack into the 1.0.2 firmware, unlocking the device for use with any GSM provider. And then, it happened. The evil 1.1.1 firmware arrived and death rained [...]

IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
iPhone Hackers Flip Off Apple With Complete Brick Fix
[14-10-2007] - TechNewsWorld.com

Undaunted by Apple's recent firmware update for iPhone, which renders useless iPhones that were unlocked from the AT&T network, a company that sells unlocking software says its product can now restore the "bricked" devices.

The company, iphonesimfree, has new software that br [...]

IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
iPod Touch Hacked to Run iPhone Third-Party Apps
[12-10-2007] - MobileMag

While the latest iPhone firmware seems to lock out most third party applications, the iPod Touch is seemingly all ready to go with all sorts of additional applications, including that awesome NES emulator.

IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
iPodObserver - iPhone 1.1.1 One Step Closer to Jailbreak
[09-10-2007] - The Mac Observer

Apple's iPhone 1.1.1 is one step closer to opening up for third party apps now that the iPhone Dev Team has managed to implement a jailbreak on the smart phone. The unsupported hack allows only a subset of non-Apple applications to run, but developers are already hard at work exp [...]

IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
Fully Working iPhone Hack For 1.1.1 Getting Closer
[09-10-2007] - InformationWeek

Many of our readers wrote in over the weekend to inform me that my post from Friday, "Apple iPhone Update 1.1.1 Has Been Hacked," was not completely accurate. The hack at the time only allowed access to file directories on the iPhone, and did not completely open the new upgra [...]

IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
Infiltrating the iPhone
[08-10-2007] - Rocky Mountain News

Just before he went off to college, 17-year-old George Hotz, of New Jersey, successfully unlocked Apple's iPhone so it could be used on wireless networks other than exclusive provider AT&T. But it's Denverite Erica Sadun who could be the iPhone hacker extraordinaire.

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