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IPHONE AND MEDIA - tiphones.com
Best semi-solutions for iPhone 4 reception problems ... so far
[30-06-2010] - MSNBC

There's no great fix for the iPhone 4 reception issues right now. Here are the best pseudo-solutions so far.
What is going on?
Depending on how you hold your iPhone 4 during calls you may or may not notice your reception drop. Some haven't seen it at all, but many of our reade [...]

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
iPhone 4: (Almost) everything you need to know about the new Apple iPhone 4
[07-06-2010] - www.iPodPalace.com

The iPhone 4 was announced today during Steve Jobs’ keynote at WWDC and the world is taken by storm again.

Its flagship features are, of course, the extremely high resolution screen, video chat capability with FaceTime, and the sexy new form factor. But there’s more to the 4 t [...]

IPHONE VOIP - tiphones.com
Skype 2.0 App for iPhone Enables VoIP Calls over 3G Network - and works with iPod touch too!
[30-05-2010] - www.tiPhones.com

iphone skypeThe new version of the official Skype 2.0 for iPhone has been released which now allows you to make VoIP calls on 3G data network. In addition to it, you can call [...]

IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
Square: a new credit card swiping app for mobile phones
[15-05-2010] - compareandsave.com

A new mobile phone app which allows individuals to make credit card payments has been officially launched.

Retailers can download 'Square' and then plug a small plastic tube into the headphone jack of an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android phone in order to swipe their cards.

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
iPhone OS 4.0 in-depth analysis: who´s targeting Apple with the new OS?
[10-04-2010] - pcmag.com

Apple's iPhone OS 4 may have more than 100 new features, but it established three big targets for Apple: Microsoft, Google and RIM. To some extent, it also showed that Apple considers Palm and Nokia to be irrelevant.

The new OS which Apple announced April 8th has plenty of inn [...]

Five Predictions for iPhone OS 4.0
[07-04-2010] - PCWorld.com

Apple didn't even wait for the iPad dust to settle before summoning the media to its next big event. On Thursday, journalists will gather once again ostensibly to hear about the next-generation of the iPhone operating system, and possibly an unveiling of the next-generation iPhon [...]

IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
Skype iPhone App Is iPad Compatible, but Lacks 3G Calling
[07-04-2010] - eweek.com

Skype released an updated version of its free iPhone app with iPad compatibility on April 6, but the program does not include support for 3G-enabled Skype calls. While a WiFi-only version of the iPad is currently available, a version of the device with both WiFi and 3G will go on [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
We Rule for iPhone: your personal mobile feudal reign - almost Farmville!
[28-03-2010] - Ngmoco

Let's admit it, we can't look forware for Zynga to release any Farmville sort-of for iPhone & iPod touch.
In the meantime, meet Ngmoco's We Rule for iPhone.

In a nutsh [...]

IPAD - tiphones.com
iPad will be a blind-friendly e-book reader
[17-03-2010] - geekwithlaptop.com

As an e-book reader, the iPad won’t have to deal with one of the headaches that has haunted Amazon’s Kindle.

As reported by Wired, when Apple began taking pre-orders for the much-anticipated device on Friday the company offered some details on how its e-books will work. Not on [...]

IPAD - tiphones.com
Why the iPad Will be the E-books Battle Arena
[14-03-2010] - PCWorld.com

Barnes & Noble says it will launch an iPad version of its eReader app, in anticipation of the release of Apple's device on April 3. The app will compete with Apple's own iBook store for e-books, and Amazon could jump on board any time now.

E-books on the iPad have been the sub [...]

IPAD - tiphones.com
AP to Sell News On iPad With Subscription Service
[03-03-2010] - cooltechzone.com

The Associated Press (AP) is interested in selling news on the Apple iPad through a subscription service as the device heads for sale. The AP is interested in charging for its content through a subscription fee over advertising that a lot of Web news content relies on, reports Th [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Hexen II coming to iPhone and iPod?
[27-02-2010] - ipodnn.com

The first-person shooter Hexen II, originally developed by Raven and published by id in 1997, could soon be available for the iPhone and iPod touch. Developer Vimov says it has been working on a port of the game, using publicly available source code. The title is set in a fantasy [...]

IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
Rating5.com Launches iPod Video Suite 3.0
[27-02-2010] - Rating5.com

Rating5.com, a leading developer of digital photo editing, video editing and multimedia software, today released iPod Video Suite 3.0, a bundle special offer which contains DVD to iPod Ripper 3.0 and Video to iPod Converter 3.0 for expressing appreciation to their enthusiastic cu [...]

IPAD - tiphones.com
Networks Wary of Apple’s Push to Cut Show Prices
[27-02-2010] - NYTimes.com

If Apple cut the price of each TV episode in half — to 99 cents, from $1.99 — would sales on iTunes increase enough to offset the price drop?

Much of the TV content on iTunes is $1.99, be it the newest “Lost” or an old sitcom. CBS says it will discount some shows.
Experiments [...]

IPAD - tiphones.com
What the Apple iPad really is
[08-02-2010] - infoworld.com

Enough ranting: The iPad isn't what I thought it would be, either. Focus on what it's truly designed for and you may like it

As with the launch of every new Apple product, detractors and enthusiasts have dug in, with one side proclaiming the iPad an instant failure and the oth [...]

IPHONE VOIP - tiphones.com
Apple confirms 3G VoIP apps on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch; Skype is waiting
[30-01-2010] - latimes.com

Apple Inc. confirmed last night that it is now allowing iPhone, iPad and iPod touch developers to build apps that can make Internet calls over a 3G cellular network.
"We revised our Program License Agreement in conjunction with our updated Software Development Kit for iPhone, iP [...]

IPAD - tiphones.com
The wait is over: iPad from Apple!
[27-01-2010] - www.iPodPalace.com

Right now, Steve Jobs is uncovering the new iPad (the much awaited Apple tablet!)
Stay tuned! [...]

iPhone BackFlip: simple, practical, inexpensive! (the perfect gift!)
[15-12-2009] - SourceCrowd.com

The BackFlip

IPHONE AND MEDIA - tiphones.com
iPhone is number 1: read all facts and figures
[13-11-2009] - edn.com

I’ve talked before about just how amazing Apple’s performance in the cell-phone (and laptop) market is. Last quarter, only two years after entering the cell-phone market, Apple became #1, at least if you measure by how much money they made rather than how many phones they shipped [...]

IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
Kodak creates print and share app for iPhone
[13-11-2009] - Kodak.com

Kodak has introduced the Pic Flick print and share application for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch.
Currently available only in the US, the free app allows users to wirelessly print images from their iPhone and iPod Touch on Kodak's recently released Wi-Fi-enabled ESP 5250 All-in- [...]

IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
iBonsai iPhone app: a unique digital abstraction of the bonsai experience
[01-11-2009] - Brainpowerlabs

iBonsai is an application for the iphone which aims to add a bit of poetry to the otherwise chaotic world of digital gadgetry.
The application simulates the art of growing japanese bonsai trees on the mobile device.
IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com Rock Band for iPhone Hits The App Store!!!
[19-10-2009] - Washington Post

The much anticipated and hyped Rock Band for iPhone and iPod Touch is out! We first scooped the news of the launch of the app a few weeks ago. Shortly afterwards, Rock Band for the iPhone/iPod touch was officially announced by Electronic Arts. The app costs $9.99 and can be found [...]

IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
Metallica Launch Official iPhone App
[08-10-2009] - Metal Hammer

Come and see what it does inside!

Metallica have launched their own LiveMetallica iPhone app!

A full statement from the band on the iPhone app reads:

“In our ongoing effor [...]

IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
Huddle Launches iPhone App, Web Conferencing and Office Integration
[30-09-2009] - Huddle.net

Huddle.net has today launched new features for its online enterprise collaboration platform including web conferencing, deep integration with Microsoft Office and an iPhone application. The company also extended its reach to some of the largest telecoms resellers in the US.


IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Funding for iPhone start-ups passes $100 million
[14-07-2009] - CNET

Start-ups have raised more than $100 million to build iPhone applications, but where are the business models?

Recent data from Chubby Brain identifies $102.49 million in total VC/angel investment divided among 17 iPhone application start-ups.

The iPhone is a great mini-comp [...]

GameBone Pro game controller for iPhone
[30-06-2009] - GizMag

iphone game controllerWith the ever-increasing number of games available for the iPhone and iPod Touch through the App Store it seems many users find the devices an acceptable gaming platform. One of [...]

UK ATMs set to offer WiFi access, free for BT and iPhone users
[28-06-2009] - Engadget

BT Broadband customers and O2 iPhone owners, rejoice -- some 2,500 ATM machines near you will soon be converted to serve as free WiFi hotspots, courtesy of BT Openzone and Cashbox, perhaps the most mismatched pair of commercial metaphors ever put together. The initial rollout sta [...]

IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
HSBC offers business banking to iPhone users
[25-06-2009] - vnunet.com

HSBC has become the first financial institution to offer business banking on the Apple iPhone and iPod touch handsets.

The HSBC Business Internet Banking service has been optimised for the Apple devices, and offers quick and easy access to secure, real-time banking information [...]

IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
iPhone 3.0 hands on video
[29-05-2009] - Engadget

We know that some time has passed by since the first iPhone 3.0 sighting, but this video is still updated with all infos.

That's why we re-posted it, enjoy!

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
World of Warcraft Comes to iPhone
[26-04-2009] - TechCrunch

Well, we had a good run. The Renaissance, going to the Moon, inventing the Snuggie ... but all that's done now. World of Warcraft is no longer restricted to home and laptop use. Its grip on humanity will be total. Penny Arcade was remarkably prescient in this case; I wonder who S [...]

Media5 Introduces the M5T SCE Mobility SDK for iPhone SIP Applications
[21-04-2009] - CanadaIT.com

Media5 Corporation, a leading developer of advanced SIP technologies and services, today announced the release of the M5T SCE Mobility SDK, a software development kit (SDK) allowing third parties to create secure SIP-based applications that can run directly on the iPhone.

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
News: Namco releases Galaga Remix for iPhone, iPod touch
[08-04-2009] - iLounge

Namco has released Galaga Remix, its latest game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game includes both the arcade classic Galaga and an enhanced Remix version, featuring six unique boss battles, nine different power-ups, new background images, an updated dual-fighter mode, and a [...]

IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
UIEvolution Brings the First Xbox 360 Achievement Guide to the iPhone
[20-03-2009] - www.ConsoleShock.com

UIEvolution, the global leader of digital multimedia publishing software, today announces the iPhone release of the Unofficial Xbox Achievement Guide, the most comprehensive guide for achievement games on the Xbox 360. The iPhone resource guide provides access to thousands of 360 [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Retro Classic With 21st Century Edge - Vector Tanks Available Worldwide on the iPhone and iPod Touch!
[23-02-2009] - www.iPodPalace.com

Remember BattleZone from the early 80s? (if you're old enough...)

Chillingo Ltd, Europe's premier iPhone publisher has teamed up with Peter Hirschberg to deliver Vector Tanks - a 3D vector style shooter game on the iPhone and
iPod Touch.

< [...]

IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
AirPhones: Wireless Headphone Software Solution
[21-02-2009] - TheAfterMac

AirPhones: Wireless Headphone Software Solution

TheAfterMac blog posted an interesting review for an iPhone app a lot of us has been waiting for: a wireless streaming app for iPhone/iPod touch!

IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com Crackulous released, promises to bust iPhone app protection scheme
[02-02-2009] - Engadget

If Apple's sat back and let the iPhone hacking community do its thing in peace (well, relative peace) so far , this little gem just might be what the doctor ordered to stir up the crap. Crackulous -- available now in beta form through Cydia -- claims to be able to strip t [...]

IPHONE APPS - tiphones.com
iPhone app lets users add Light to pictures
[01-02-2009] - MacNN

Digital Film Tools has launched Light for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app attempts to add realistic light or shadowing effects to pictures, using digital versi [...]

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
TapIt4Me released for iPhone
[31-01-2009] - Macworld.com via Yahoo! News

Ettore Software has announced the release of TapIt4Me for iPhone and iPod touch. Available for download from the App Store, TapIt4Me costs $4.99.

40 Free Apps to Read Breaking News on Your iPhone
[31-01-2009] - Mashable

Free Apps to Read Breaking News on Your iPhone
With so many sources of information, sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with news on the go. Luckily the iPhone and iPod Touch have a wealth of free news apps that are customizable to your needs. \n\nFrom general news to ...

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
Lawrence software developers create a hit with iPhone grocery app
[31-01-2009] - Lawrence Journal-World

iphone app groceryTwo Lawrence computer software makers made a name for themselves after creating a grocery list application for Apple iPhones.

Brian Killen, left, and Jason Boehle [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
Apple Pushes Out iPhone Firmware 2.2.1
[27-01-2009] - InformationWeek

Along with a number of software updates released today, Apple is boosting the iPhone's firmware version by dot-one to 2.2.1. What does the firmware include?

Sadly, not a whole heck of a lot. According to Apple's software update, firmware 2.2.1 does the following:

This updat [...]

What´s better than ONE iPod dock? A DUAL iPod Dock! Meet JVC NXPN7 Portable Audio System with Dual iPod and iPhone Dock.
[18-01-2009] - SourceCrowd.com


VMware adds Linux, iPhone to virtualisation mix
[19-09-2008] - ZDNet UK

Forthcoming updates to VirtualCenter Server and Infrastructure Client will give Linux and iPhone a role in managing virtual machines

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Apple iPod nano and iPod touch: iPodPalace.com exclusive content, photos and videos
[13-09-2008] - iPodPalace.com

ipod nano 4gOur partner site iPodPalace.com has been attending Apple's official presentation of the new iPod lineup.

Check this page for mor [...]

Belkin JoyPod Gaming Pad for Apple iPhone
[02-09-2008] - I4U

A leaked slide from Belkin shows an upcoming gaming accessory for the Apple iPhone. The Belkin JoyPod would convert an iPhone into a portable gaming console similar to the Sony PSP. The Belkin JoyPod would feature 8 gaming buttons and slide over the iPh... [...]

How To Build A Great iPhone App
[02-09-2008] - Forbes

Everybody seems to want to build apps for the iPhone. The best ones are likely to take a hint from Apple's own handiwork.

Tom Thornton calls it the "wow" factor. The third-party applications built for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch have plenty of it. "It's 'Wow,' I can't believ [...]

IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
iPhone Hack: Changing the Camera Focus
[30-08-2008] - www.iPodPalace.com

Apple's iPhone and iPhone 3G include a fixed-focus camera, which is fine for most photos you might take with the combination iPod and smartphone, but not it you want to take close-up shots. Daniel Forsythe has a hack to change that, but only for the brave and daring iPhone owners [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
newtonica an Original Game for the iPhone
[29-08-2008] - www.iPodPalace.com

TOKYO----Field System is set to offer worldwide availability of its original game, "newtonica," developed for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch platforms, through App Store .

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Spore Origins Game For iPod First
[26-08-2008] - MacRumors.com

EA's Spore Origins has arrived for the Classic iPod and iPod Nano (not compatible with iPhone or iPod touch) well ahead of its multiplatform launch scheduled for September 7th.

The $4.99 game offers an early look at Spore Origins which is also expected for release on the iPhon [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
Review: AIM for iPhone
[26-08-2008] - Macworld

Instant messaging on the iPhone has finally arrived in the form of AOL's AIM client, but the program sticks to the basics.

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
Random Ideas posts Edibles for iPhone-iPod touch
[19-08-2008] - MacNN

Random Ideas has announced the release of Edibles, an app for the iPhone and iPod touch. The software is a food journal, used to track calories, carbs, WeightWatchers points and other values typically tracked when following a diet regimen. The application allows users to set a "b [...]

Apps Bring Video Broadcasting To iPhone 3G
[15-08-2008] - www.MobilePhonesBargains.com

Qik and Flixwagon will allow users to stream live video from the smartphone over the Web, but only if the iPhone 3G is "jailbroken."

While the iPhone 3G has been a commercial hit, many users still bemoan the fact that its 2-megapixel camera can't record videos. But two recentl [...]

iPhone To Launch 22 August In India, Estonia And The Czech Republic
[08-08-2008] - paidContent.org via Yahoo! Finance

Three more country launches for the 3G iPhone. India's Bharti Airtel, Estonia's EMT, and the Czech Republic's Telefonica O2 all announced today that they would begin selling the handsets on August 22.

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
Pennies tracks budgets on iPhone, iPod touch
[07-08-2008] - MacNN

Software developer design by a knife has announced Pennies, a budgeting application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Pennies offers a straight-forward user interface, with a fuel-guage indicator to track spending. A user's budget is always two taps away, with easy entering of new p [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Konami Brings Frogger to IPhone and IPod Touch
[07-08-2008] - PC World

Konami Digital Entertainment on Wednesday announced the release of Frogger for iPhone and iPod touch.

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
GreasePocket: Greasemonkey for the iPhone
[06-08-2008] - ReadWriteWeb

We love us some Greasemonkey , the Firefox plug-in that lets users run simple scripts on top of their favorite web pages to add new functionality or remove unwanted distractions. At first blush Greasemonkey might seem more technical than many users feel comfortable with, but ru [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
DJ-1800 Supports Music on IPhone, IPod Touch
[05-08-2008] - iPodPalace.com

DJ-1800, the pro DJ software for Mac, now supports music stored on the iPod touch and iPhone. The new release, version 3.1, is now available for download. A free upgrade for 3.0 users, DJ-1800 costs [...]

Real World Testing For Geeks - the Nokia N95 takes on the iPhone 3G and AT&T Tilt
[27-07-2008] - All About Symbian

Ewan decides he needs to do his own device comparison round up. Some light relief for the weekend? I don't know about you, but Steve's recent head to head challenge of real world tasks left me rather cold.

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
iPhone 3G on Sale Tomorrow
[10-07-2008] - Apple Pr

Over 500 Native Applications for iPhone & iPod touch Available at Launch.

More than 500 native applications will be available on the iPhone’s App Store when Apple’s iPhone 3G goes on sale tomorrow. Apple’s iPhone provides a breakthrough mobile platform for developers, w [...]

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Apple posts iPhone 1G to 3G upgrade how-to
[07-07-2008] - iLounge

Apple has posted a new support article explaining how users can replace their original first-generation iPhone with an iPhone 3G using the same carrier.
The article, titled ”How to replace an original iPhone [...]

IPHONE VOIP - tiphones.com
iPhone App Enables GSM To WiFi/VoIP Switching
[01-07-2008] - voIPstage.com

"You can save on long distance and air time with the new 3G iPhone. iPhone Hacks has the scoop on an upcoming iPhone 2.0 App named 'iCall', that will let you switch between VoIP and normal GSM calls anywhere in North America. You can check out their recently released video proof [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
LiveTime Achieves AT&T Enterprise Certification for iPhone Compatible ITIL Service Desk and Help Desk Software
[03-06-2008] - PRWeb

LiveTime Software, a leading provider of ITIL certified Service Management and Help Desk Software, today announced it has achieved AT&T enterprise software certification for LiveTime Service Manager and Help Desk for the iPhone.

IPHONE DEVELOPMENT - tiphones.com New iPhone SDK beta, requires 10.5.3
[29-05-2008] - MacNN

Apple on Wednesday seeded a sixth beta version to its iPhone Software Development Kit, entitled 9M2192 beta 6. According to iLounge, the release requires developers to upgrade to the latest version of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard à± 10.5.3, released earlier on in the day à± in order to [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
Sybase iPhone Software Ready ´Soon´
[21-05-2008] - eWeek

Sybase software designed to bring enterprise e-mail securely to the iPhone could spur business client adoption.... SpamTitan - Virtual Email Appliance 99% Spam Detection, Kaspersky AV, Anti phishing, $550 for 100 users. Free Download 30 Day Trial Now! [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
McAfee for iPhone beta appears online
[05-05-2008] - www.ipodpalace.com

A beta version of a McAfee virus scanner for the iPhone and iPod touch has appeared online, according to reports. The application is named iVirusScan, and has allegedly been installed and uninstalled by a number of users. Users can analyze the contents of their handheld for malwa [...]

IPHONE FUN STUFF - tiphones.com
Video: Apple iPhone Run Over By Car... And Survives!
[19-04-2008] - MobileMag

As fashionable as the Apple iPhone happens to be, I think that we'd all agree that it's not the most durable handset on the market. Even so, the crazy kook at iPhone in Canada has decided to run over the Jesus Phone with his car. The kicker is that the phone actually survives the [...]

IPHONE VOIP - tiphones.com
fring beta offers VOIP, IM for iPhones
[16-04-2008] - www.VoIPstage.com

fring on Tuesday today became the latest VoIP application to be made publicly available for Apple's iPhone. The fring beta software, which requires a "jailbroken" iPhone (the company uses "opened" as its euphemism), enables users to talk, chat and interact with other fring users [...]

Apple working on 3D conference calls, patent filing reveals
[12-04-2008] - TG Daily

Apple may be developing a new feature for the iPhone that would allow users to create an illusion of positional audio within conference calls.
The result: Conference calls would much more sound like a real face-to-face communication in a room.
Media sharing features pick up a c [...]

A new version of the iPhone SDK is now available
[09-04-2008] - Apple.com

Fresh news for all of us playing with the iPhone SDK.

Log in to the iPhone Dev Center and download the third beta version of the iPhone SDK!

As stated in the Readme file:

Beta release 3: The third beta fixes bugs and adds support for the latest iPhone OS. [...]

T-Mobile Germany slashes iPhone to Eur 99
[08-04-2008] - Personal Computer World

T-Mobile Germany has cut the price of Apple's iPhone to just Eur 99, around £ 78.
The company's cheapest 8GB iPhone was priced at Eur 399, but T-Mobile Germany has made the decision to subsidise the handset to boost sales.
The price for the 16GB handset remains the same.

An iPod dock suitable for frugal nonconformists
[22-03-2008] - Versaudio.com

ipod vers speaker
As you might be aware, next week is March, not February, which means Apple wi [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
HP calculators live (on your iPhone)!
[21-02-2007] - The Mac Observer

The HP-11C and HP-15C calculators are, quite simply, the best single-line display calculators ever created. If you don’t absolutely need a graphing calculator, they remain the best handheld calculators ever…period. This is true despite the fact that they date back to the 1980s. [...]

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
BBC confirms iPlayer for iPhone "within weeks"
[20-02-2008] - Macworld UK

The BBC has confirmed plans to make streaming TV services using its iPlayer software available to the iPhone and iPod touch, "within weeks". This will be the first time the broadband TV service has been available beyond PC and Mac computers.

Users´ love affair with iPhone stumps Mobile World panel
[15-02-2008] - Embedded Systems Programming Magazine

BARCELONA, Spain A blue-ribbon panel of human behavior and technology experts at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain agreed that the best recent advance in the mobile telecommunications user space came not from a mobile telecom company but from Apple Inc. the iPhone.

Sennheiser Communications Unveils New Headset for Apple´s iPhone at Mobile World Congress
[12-02-2004] - Press Trust of India

Sennheiser Communications is to unveil a variety of new headsets to the mobile market at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, 11-14 February. The new products include the MM 50 iPhone which brings legendary Sennheiser sound quality to the iPhone and iPod generation.

IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
HyperOffice Adds Business Tools to iPhone
[12-02-2008] - Intranet Journal

HyperOffice, a leading provider of enterprise collaboration software, has announced the public beta of its collaboration tools that connect the Apple iPhone to corporate email, contacts, calendars, notes, and tasks.

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Apple planning iPhone and iPod touch price cuts?
[11-02-2008] - Pocket-lint via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News

Don't splash the cash just yet... or just rumors?

9to5Mac has received word that Apple is planning on dropping the prices on the iPhone and iPod line within the next month or two - perhaps at the rumoured late-February event.

The price cut is said to be $100 on both the iPo [...]

IPhone Open Application Development: Rough Cuts Version
[09-02-2008] - Kansas City InfoZine

New from O'Reilly; The Hottest Rough Cut Yet: Write Native Objective-C Applications for the iPhone

iPhone network talks intensify
[08-02-2008] - Macworld UK

Talks between Apple and mobile networks worldwide on plans to introduce iPhone to different markets appear to be intensifying. Recent discussions appear to have been taking place between Apple and Japan's DoCoMo, Belgium's Mobistar, and KPN in the Netherlands.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
C-002 HiPhone - chinese er... iPhone-alike
[07-02-2008] - RedFerret

This C-002 HiPhone mobile phone is a beauty, no?
Imagine a 3.5 inch touchscreen, dual SIM slots, tri-band, MP3 player, video recording, Bluetooth and…wait for it…auto-screen rotation. Hold my heart, for it pumps too wild.
But I know what you’re asking.
Will it fool the girl [...]

iPhone takes 28% of smartphone market
[06-02-2008] - MacNN

Apple ranked third in the global hardware market during the fourth quarter of 2007, according to canalys.com, with its iPhone garnering a whopping 28 percent of the smartphone market. Smart mobile device shipments reached 118 million last year, up 53 percent over 2006, while conv [...]

iPhone Web Development: ASP.NET Inside VMware Fusion on a Mac
[04-02-2008] - SYS-CON Media

So here's my precarious situation: I'm writing some sample web applications for the iPhone. Every once in a while, I poke around using Ruby on Rails, but by and large my web development lately has consisted entirely of the ASP.NET MVC framework CTP. I also don't own a PC anymore [...]

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
iPhone: Italian carrier found, EDGE outage [U]
[02-02-2008] - MacNN

Telecom Italia Mobile is the leading candidate for the Italian iPhone carrier, according to extrapolations based on evidence in the iPhone software package, while a vast EDGE network outage is affecting a significant portion of iPhone users in the US. Italian news site Macity has [...]

Developing AJAX Applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch
[30-01-2004] - SYS-CON Media

The iPhone is transforming the Web as we know it and compelling every Web designer to consider handheld portable devices. This session covers various aspects of iPhone and iPod Touch development. It will include tips and tricks as well as best practices to follow. Williams also c [...]

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
UK iPhone users get better deals
[30-01-2008] - BBC News

Improved tariffs for UK iPhone users are launched less than three months after the mobile hit British stores.

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Skyfire Shows iPhone-like Browsing for Windows Mobile
[30-01-2008] - NewsFactor via Yahoo! News

In a development that makes clear the revolutionary impact of Apple's iPhone, a start-up company unveiled at the DEMO 08 conference a new mobile Web browser that may bring iPhone-like browsing to phones running Windows Mobile 5 and 6.

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iPhone selling well in France, Orange chief says
[23-01-2008] - telecomasia.net

Sales in France of the much-hyped Apple iPhone after the holiday season are going better than mobile carrier Orange expected, Didier Lombard, head of Orange parent France Telecom, said.

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iPhone Rival Touch Sold Half as Many Handsets
[21-01-2008] - PC World

HTC reports it sold last year 2 million of the Microsoft-based smartphones developed to compete with iPhone.

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iPhone turns blue as IBM creates Lotus client
[17-01-2008] - The Register

Who says the iPhone is consumer-only? The Register has confirmed that IBM is developing a Lotus Notes client for the iPhone, and that they are "working closely" with Apple to create a native application for the iPhone and iPod Touch for business use.…

Developing AJAX Applications for iPhone and iPod Touch
[10-01-2008] - www.iPodPalace.com

The iPhone is transforming the Web as we know it and compelling every Web designer to consider handheld portable devices.
This session covers various aspects of iPhone and iPod Touch development.
It will include tips and tricks as well as best practices to follow. Williams al [...]

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Microsoft won´t launch iPhone rival - report
[09-01-2008] - Reuters via Yahoo! Singapore News

FRANKFURT, Jan 9 - U.S. software group Microsoft will not launch a product that competes directly with Apple Inc's iPhone, Chairman Bill Gates said in an interview with Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

CES 2008: JBL unveils iPhone-friendly On Stage IIIP speaker dock
[09-01-2008] - Tech Digest via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News

More iPhone accessory news comes in the form of JBL's new On Stage IIIP System, which was announced today at CES. It's a speaker dock that's basically the same as previous On Stage models, with one big difference: it works with iPhones.

CES 2008: Belkin launches TuneBase FM iPhone / iPod car accessory
[09-01-2008] - Tech Digest via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News

It might not be MacWorld until next week, but something tells me CES is going to be stuffed with freshly-minted iPhone accessories nonetheless. Belkin has just announced the TuneBase FM, for example, which is an FM transmitter for use in-car, for the iPhone and iPods.

What´s the best way to unlock a UK iPhone?
[07-01-2008] - The Register - Technology News via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News

Are there any updates on unlocking a new OTB iPhone with firmware 1.1.2 in the UK? There are so many forums and commercial websites with long convoluted solutions that I'm at a lost as to what set of instructions to follow.

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Challengers to iPhone outperform in some ways
[06-01-2008] - Deseret Morning News

Although the iPhone harmonizes smart-phone components better than its rivals, it isn't perfect.

Orange France Sells 70,000 IPhones in December
[04-01-2008] - Cellular-News.com

France Telecom says that it's mobile arm, Orange sold over 70,000 Apple iPhones during the month of December, which was in line with projections of sales of between 50,000 to 100,000 units. The handset was launched into the French market at the end of November.

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iPhone´s design, software transformed phone industry
[30-12-2007] - San Jose Mercury News

Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs promised a revolution when he unveiled the iPhone in January - and he delivered.

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Roam the Globe With an iPhone
[27-12-2007] - New York Times

NY Q&A about using iPhone overseas.

What do I need to do to use my iPhone overseas?

Before you go, visit AT&T’s Web site (www.att.com/wirelessinternational) to double-check that your iPhone will be able to find a compatible carrier in the specific countries you plan [...]

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Intuit iPhone-friendly Quicken priced at $3/month
[19-12-2007] - Reuters via Yahoo! News

Intuit Inc is looking to boost Quicken personal finance software sales by offering it as a service for $3 a month that can run on Apple Inc's iPhone.

Apple plays DoCoMo against Softbank over iPhone launch
[18-12-2007] - Boston Globe

Apple Inc is playing Japan's top mobile operator NTT DoCoMo Inc against No. 3 carrier Softbank Corp on selling the iPhone in Japan, meeting executives from both companies, sources said on Tuesday.

Avaya folds iPhone into the corporate network
[18-12-2007] - ZDNet UK

The one-X Mobile client software can integrate Apple's handset into most company's IP networks, the comms supplier has claimed

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Hack Turns iPhone Camera Into HD Camcorder
[14-12-2007] - Slashdot

An anonymous reader writes "Monsters and Friends has just released the beta of Drunknbass, a new iPhone hack that allows the unit's camera to capture video. 'While the iPhone's 2.0 megapixel camera resolution [...]

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iPodObserver - Tech/UK: The iPhone Critics are Missing The Point
[14-12-2007] - The Mac Observer

The Apple iPhone, like any device, can be improved. However, those who focus on the iPhone weaknesses are missing the point, according to Nick Merritt at Tech/UK on Thursday. It's the iPhone UI that will create problems for the competition.

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Sources: MySpace prepping iPhone web client
[14-12-2007] - MacNN

Social networking site MySpace is developing its own optimized web client for the iPhone and iPod touch, Electronista has confirmed through authoritative sources. The News Corp-owned company hopes to create a reworked version of the site tailored just to Apple's multi-touch devic [...]

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Apple´s iPhone Might Make Nice With Microsoft Exchange
[14-12-2007] - CRN

Apple may be taking steps to make its omnipresent (at least in the news) iPhone more appealing to business users, if not to the VARs who love them.

IPHONE AND MEDIA - tiphones.com
FOX News for iPhone
[13-12-2007] - CyberJournalist.net

FOX News on Monday released a new application for iPhones that includes not just the latest headlines, but the ability to search news archives and watch every video available on Foxnews.com, all optimized for your iPhone and iPod Touch. … [visit site to read more] [...]

Apple Announces Hit Television Programming Now Available on the iTunes Store in Canada
[13-12-2007] - PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance

Apple today announced that hit television programming from Canada's top networks, US broadcasters and the National Hockey League is now available for CAN$1.99 per episode from the iTunes® Store in Canada . iTunes customers can choose from Canadian-produced favorites such as the [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
MoboVivo, Orb bring streaming content to iPhone
[13-12-2007] - MacNN

Two new software-as-a-service media-sharing products are currently in development for iPhone and iPod touch users, MoboVivo and Orb. MoboVivo is a commercial service that has recently finalized iPhone and iPod touch support, allowing users to "Buy and Sync" television shows direc [...]

IPHONE VOIP - tiphones.com
"Eok" developing VoIP for iPod touch
[12-12-2007] - www.iPodPalace.com

By using the SvSIP software for the Nintendo DS provided by Samuel Vinson, a developer identified as "Eok" has created a semi-working VoIP client for the iPod touch. Although the Touch does not have a built in microphone, a small dock connector mic was developed by Touchmods' Mar [...]

iPodObserver - Apple iPhone Speed Compared on EDGE and 3G/UMTS
[12-12-2007] - The Mac Observer

At the iPhone Infoblog in Germany, some timings were conducted between an Apple iPhone on the 2.7G/EDGE network and a Nokia E61i on the 3G/UMTS network. The rendering speed of the iPhone appeared to offset the UMTS network speed, and the net results were more or less a tie

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iPod, iPhone among top gadgets in Europe
[12-12-2007] - MacNN

Apple's iPod and iPhone rank among the top gadgets so far this holiday season in Europe, according to a comScore study designed to track the frequency of online searches. The firm studied 20 different models of gadgets from the game console, mobile phone, and portable music playe [...]

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PlayStation Games Emulated On Apple iPhone
[12-12-2007] - Zodttd.com

The appropriately named PSX4iPhone homebrew application allows you to enjoy classic PlayStation games from the comfort of your Apple iPhone. As with any emulator software, PSX4iPhone -- in and of itself -- is not illegal.

From the Home of Homebrew:

My very first b [...]

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iPhones hacked to work on Telstra
[11-12-2007] - Australian IT

TECH-savvy Australians are importing iPhones and using special unlocking software to have full use of them on local mobile networks.

IPHONE FANS - tiphones.com
Internet Searchers Can´t Get Enough Of The iPhone, Lycos Says
[11-12-2007] - TechWeb via Yahoo! News

The top news stories based on searches were the execution of Sadaam Hussein, the Iran conflict, the Pakistan conflict, global warming, and the iPhone.

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Iphone Blackjack requires little on-device processing
[10-12-2007] - The Inquirer

ACCORDING TO Probability's CEO, Charles Cohen, the solution to putting gambling games onto the Iphone is to take the client/server approach. There's very little onboard processing involved.

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Motorola Turns to Tat for "iPhone Killer"
[11-12-2007] - Computer Business Online via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News

Motorola is to license a graphical user interface from The Astonishing Tribe (Tat), a Malmo, Sweden-based company that an increasing number of mobile handset makers are turning to in order to develop an "iPhone killer" model to counter Apples entry into the market.

Developing AJAX Applications for iPhone and iPod Touch
[09-12-2007] - www.iPodPalace.com

The iPhone is transforming the Web as we know it and compelling every Web designer to consider handheld portable devices. This session covers various aspects of iPhone and iPod Touch development. It will include tips and tricks as well as best practices to follow. Williams also c [...]

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USD 200 Chinese iPhone-knockoff ships worldwide
[09-12-2007] - MacNN

A new Chinese iPhone knock-off (Meizu M8/miniOne) is being sold on the internet, billed as "High quality copy UNLOCKED IPHONE AV-P688 SIMILAR STYPLE IPOD GSM CELL PHONE [...]

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
T-Mobile Wins iPhone Battle in Germany
[09-12-2007] - NewsFactor

Deutsche Telekom, Europe's largest telephone company, has emerged victorious in the iPhone-locking suit that Vodafone filed against it in Germany. A German court ruled on Tuesday that Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile can block consumers who purchase an Apple iPhone from using the mobi [...]

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iPhone "Killers" Verizon Voyager and Sprint HTC Touch Create A Viable And Green Accessories Market
[08-12-2007] - PRWeb via Yahoo! News

iPhone Competitors Verizon Voyager and Sprint HTC Touch create a robust screen-touch accessories market for the 2007 holiday season and new year.

IPHONE VOIP - tiphones.com
JAJAH v2.0 Is Out: International Calling App for the Apple iPhone / iPod Touch
[08-12-2007] - SYS-CON Media

Recently infused with strong investments from Intel and Deutsche Telekom, JAJAH today released version 2.0 of its calling application for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. In addition to saving on international calls, users will have an iPhone style dial pad, iPhone address book a [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
iPhone 1.1.3 to bring voice capture, disk mode?
[06-12-2007] - MacNN

Apple may be preparing a significant update for the iPhone as early as this weekend that will have some heavily requested features, according to a claim from CNET France. The site points to multiple reports that a 1.1.3 upgrade for the iPhone will appear by Saturday which adds bo [...]

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SAP unveils its first software for iPhone
[05-12-2007] - Reuters via Yahoo! News

SAP said on Tuesday that new software for sales-force automation that it is hailing as one of the most user-friendly products to date would be compatible with Apple Inc's iPhone.

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iPhone tops list of 2007 Google searches
[05-12-2007] - Reuters via Yahoo! News

Technology and entertainment topped Google Inc's searches in 2007, with the iPhone grabbing the No. 1 slot on a list of the fastest-rising search terms in the United States, the company said on Tuesday.

"iPhone, of course, is a word very few people typed in a search box in 200 [...]

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German Court Backs Apple, T-Mobile on Locked-Up iPhone
[05-12-2007] - TechNewsWorld.com

Apple and its carrier partner in Germany won a key legal victory Tuesday, with a court tossing out an injunction that had forced T-Mobile to offer an unlocked iPhone and upholding the legality of the exclusivity agreement. T-Mobile won the right to offer the iPhone only to custom [...]

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France Telecom´s Orange says iPhone sales reach 30,000 over first five days
[05-12-2007] - Sharewatch

PARIS (Thomson Financial) - France Telecom's Orange mobile telecom unit sold 30,000 Apple iPhones over the first five days since their French launch, the company said.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Ballmer on iPhone and mobile competition
[04-12-2007] - News.com

CNet News.com speaks with Microsoft CEO on the iPhone, mobile competitors and market at large.

Quite interesting.

[Windows not needed to view video interview] [...]

IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
Microsoft Plans to Port Office Documents to the Apple iPod and iPhone
[03-12-2007] - www.iPodPalace.com

According to Microsoft's Mac Mojo blog this week, Office 2008 when released will allow PowerPoint presentations to be converted into photos, which in turn can then be transferred to an iPod through Apple's iTunes software. Microsoft plans to ship the Mac version of its new Office [...]

iPhone Dev Community Considers Open-Sourcing AnySIM Unlocking Solution
[02-12-2007] - SYS-CON Media

The iPhone Dev community, which operates a website dedicated to 'finding additional uses for the iPhone by (legitimately) enabling its potential capabilities,' is considering releasing the source code to the AnySIM iPhone unlocking solution. The project is a community effort, and [...]

IPHONE FANS - tiphones.com
Poll: iPhone Will Be Used for Business and Play in ´08
[30-11-2007] - PC World

Users, and people who plan to purchase the device within the coming year, say they will also use their iPhones for business purposes.

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
Apple ships iPhone software developer kit
[30-11-2007] - PC Advisor

iPhone SDK beta goes to hand-picked developers Selected software developers have been granted access to rough iPhone development tools. Apple is making a pre-release version of its iPhone software development kit (SDK) available to a small pool of hand-picked companies, a repo [...]

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
iPhone is launched in France at 749 euros
[28-11-2007] - AFP via Yahoo! News

The Apple iPhone handset, incorporating mobile phone, multimedia access and music functions, was to go on sale in France with a promotional blitz late on Wednesday, following European launches in Britain and Germany.

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
iPhone Ready For Paris Debut, Sales Rules Challenged In Germany
[27-11-2007] - TechWeb via Yahoo! News

With Apple's iPhone poised to debut in France without a mandatory service contract on Wednesday, the only service provider currently offering the coveted phone without a service contract -- Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile -- has filed an appeal in a German court challenging the injun [...]

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
Survey: iPhone too expensive for UK market
[25-11-2007] - MacNN

Apple's decision to price the iPhone for UK residents at £269 may have reflected a serious misjudgment of the local cellphone market, according to a new survey of Christmas buyers conducted by the analyst group GfK NOP. Of the respondents, 46 percent simply refuse to consider th [...]

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iPhone Signal Strength Problems In the UK
[25-11-2007] - Slashdot

An anonymous reader writes "British iPhone users, who bought the Apple phones when they went on sale in England on Nov. 9, are reporting persistent problems with signal strength on O2, the UK's only iPhone service provider. The complaints started only 2 days later. InfoWeek blogg [...]

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Orange iPhone Contract 49 Euros Per Month
[24-11-2007] - Addict 3D

Orange has accidentally leaked the fact that it will provide iPhone contracts in France for 49 euros per month, Reuters reports.The two-year contract will cost a total of 1,176 euros ($US1,754) when it goes on sale next Wednesday.

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
Brits Think the iPhone is "Too Expensive"
[23-11-2007] - Cellular-News.com

New research from GfK NOP shows that UK consumers perceive the iPhone as being too expensive to tempt a purchase.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Bell aims to steal iPhone thunder with limitless data on rival device
[22-11-2007] - Toronto Star

With the iPhone expected to land in the lap of a key rival, Bell Canada Inc. is hoping to make its own splash by offering a competing touch-screen device with what appears to be the country's first unlimited wireless data plan.

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
IPhone Must Be Offered Without Contract Restrictions, German Court Rules
[21-11-2007] - New York Times

The court ruled that T-Mobile must offer the iPhone to everyone, even without the 24-month contract that it had required for buyers.

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
Vodafone challenges exclusive German iPhone deal
[21-11-2007] - Market Watch

LONDON (MarketWatch) -- T-Mobile, the German mobile unit of Deutsche Telekom, has been asked by a Hamburg court to change its marketing for Apple Inc.'s iPhone.

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
Germans to get unlocked iPhone
[21-11-2007] - Guardian Unlimited

An unlocked iPhone may go on sale in Germany as well as in France, leaving the UK with only the locked version of the Apple device. By Richard Wray

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
3G iPhone due in May 2008
[21-11-2007] - Computer Active

Users of Apple's iPhone could be surfing the net at high speed as early as next May, according to a report in Spanish newspaper El Pais.

Mobile software developer SevenClick claims in the article that Telefónica, Spain's biggest mobile operator, anticipates a May launch in Spa [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
GameBoy Advance emulator for iPhone, iPod Touch
[19-11-2007] - MacNN

Developer ZodTTD has released a new update to gbSPhone 0.0.5, a GameBoy Advance emulator for the iPod touch and iPhone.

Although it is a small increment from 0.0.4, the developer said that it is a crucial update, introducing an improved graphical user interface and enhanced s [...]

Hands-on Three iPhone Adapters
[17-11-2007] - Yahoo! Tech Advisors

Can you believe I've had my iPhone for two months, and haven't used it to listen to music? I prefer to use my own headphones, as opposed to the iPod earbuds, which seem to be the only ones that work with the iPhone. But because Apple designed the iPhone with a recessed headpho [...]

IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
ValueRich, the magazine that ´´Thinks Small-cap,´´ is now available for the iPhone
[17-11-2007] - FinanzNachrichten

ValueRich, Inc. is pleased to announce that ValueRich magazine is now available for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch.
Apple has sold approximately 1.5 million of the tremendously popular iPhone in the United States and Europe.

Readers around the world can now use their iPhone [...]

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
iPodObserver - WSJ Sees Apple Being Proactive in Europe for iPhone
[17-11-2007] - The Mac Observer

Apple has learned its lesson from early stumbling blocks it encountered with the iPhone in the U.S. market, and is being proactive. This, according to the Wall Street Journal, which said that Apple's efforts to secure WiFi hot spots in the UK for iPhone users before it launched t [...]

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
iPodObserver - WSJ Sees Apple Being Proactive in Europe for iPhone
[15-11-2007] - The Mac Observer

Apple has learned its lesson from early stumbling blocks it encountered with the iPhone in the U.S. market, and is being proactive. This, according to the Wall Street Journal, which said that Apple's efforts to secure WiFi hot spots in the UK for iPhone users before it launched t [...]

iPhone Could Have Two Sellers in China
[15-11-2007] - PC World via Yahoo! News

China Unicom may be open to selling Apple's iPhone in China, giving Apple a second option for bringing its device to the world's most populous market.

IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
Business E-Mail Users Are All Thumbs With iPhone, Survey Finds
[15-11-2007] - TechWeb via Yahoo! News

While iPhone owners entered text as rapidly as QWERTY owners, they made significantly more texting errors, according to a report from User Centric.

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Investors Roiled By China/iPhone News
[14-11-2007] - Forbes

Talks for the iPhone's enterence in China excites investors.

Apple's iPhone is chasing the Chinese dragon.

On Tuesday, shares of Apple got a 11.2%, or $17.14, boost to $170.90 in late-afternoon trading after investors found out their company was in “preliminary contact” wit [...]

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
iPhone code pointing to Italy as next market?
[14-11-2007] - MacNN

The iPhone's next European market may well be Italy, probing into the firmware has revealed.

Code strings show that amongst the PLIST hooks in the software is an entry called "TIM_Italy.plist," accompanying references to the other official iPhone carriers: AT&T, O2 (UK [...]

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
Despite Initial Doubts, European iPhone Sales Off to Brisk Start
[14-11-2007] - Wired News

Reports that the iPhone is not selling well in the U.K. and Germany seem to be unfounded. Between O2 and T-Mobile, tens of thousands of iPhones have been sold and activated in the product's first few days.

IPHONE FUN STUFF - tiphones.com
TV villain talks into wrong end of iPhone
[13-11-2007] - The Register

Bionic Woman outrage rocks blogosphere We are (we think) much obliged today to eagle-eyed reader Seth Fogie who has spotted what is indisputably this week's big news event: some bloke in The Bionic Woman talking into the wrong end of Apple's paradigm-redefining iCon [...]

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
O2 reports massive iPhone sales
[13-11-2007] - Channel 4

Mobile phone giant O2 said it has sold "tens of thousands" of iPhones since the much-anticipated handsets went on sale in the UK on Friday. The group, which is owned by Spain's Telefonica, confirmed the iPhone had now become its fastest-selling device yet.

IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
AFP Hack Gives Read/Write Access to iPhone, iPod Touch
[12-11-2007] - Tuaw.com

An iPhone hacker, known as Core, has managed to finalize an AppleTalk Filing Protocol hack that enables full read/write access to either an iPhone, or iPod touch, via Finder. Unfortunately, the work has just been completed, and as yet, it is not available via Installer.app. If yo [...]

iStuff: The FIRST iPhone compatible speaker dock
[12-11-2007] - ipodworld UK

The new iStuff PhoneDock Speaker for iPhones and iPods is presented as part of the world’s largest range of iPhone accessories at www.iWorld.co.uk.

Apple’s biggest launch since the introduction of iPod, the iPhone finally arrives in the UK on 9th November 2007 and leading iPod [...]

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
Fans queue but iPhone fails to grip Germany
[11-11-2007] - Reuters via Yahoo! Singapore News

COLOGNE/FRANKFURT - Hundreds of German Apple fans braved rain and wind before dawn to be among the first in Europe to get their hands on an iPhone but the arrival of the year's hottest consumer gadget passed most Germans by.

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
Funambol Releases First Open Source Native App for iPhone Contact Synchronization
[11-11-2007] - Broadcast Newsroom

Funambol, the leading provider of mobile 2.0 messaging software powered by open source, today announced it has released an open source native app for iPhone contact synchronization. The Funambol plug-in for iPhone synchronizes the iPhone's address book with contacts from popular [...]

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
iPhone UK launch: first details
[11-11-2007] - Macworld UK

Anybodywith even a remote interest in technology will know that Friday saw the official UK release of Apple's iPhone. This means UK users will finally be able to see what all the fuss is about, and get their hands on the most-hyped technology product of 2007.

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
Apple fans brave rain for European iPhone launch
[10-11-2007] - Reuters via Yahoo! News

Hundreds of Apple fans braved rain and wind in the German city of Cologne early Friday morning to be among the first in Europe to get their hands on the coveted iPhone.

Open-source Java could result in port to iPhone
[10-11-2007] - InfoWorld via Yahoo! News

With the first anniversary of open-source Java coming up November 13, a Sun official believes the project could bear a sought-after fruit in the Java community: The porting of Java to the Apple iPhone.

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
Germany Says Guten Tag to the iPhone
[10-11-2007] - Schaeffers Research

In the latest bit of iPhone news, T-Mobile reported this morning said it has sold more than 10,000 of Apple's (AAPL) iPhones on the first day the gadget was available in Germany...( Read More )

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
iPhone: Madrid through the mini screen
[10-11-2007] - Daily Telegraph

A new phone promises to replace guidebooks, maps – even the kitchen sink. Suzy Bennett tries it in an unfamiliar city.

IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
IT pros use iPhone, iPod touch for support
[08-11-2007] - www.iPodPalace.com

Network admins get iPhone/iPod touch support from MIR3 MIR3 has made IT infrastructure management software solutions usable through the Apple iPhone and iPod touch.

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
iPhone to hit German, British markets
[08-11-2007] - AP via Yahoo! News

Apple's iPhone will go on sale in Germany and Britain on Friday, making its European debut four months after its launch in the United States.

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
Countdown begins for the iPhone´s arrival in Britain
[07-11-2007] - Independent

Considering Apple sold one million iPhone units in the US within 74 days of its release, it is little wonder that the imminent arrival of the latest must-have product has sparked a consumer frenzy this side of the Atlantic as well.

The phone, which will be launched in Britain [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
The Smartphone Set and the iPhone Shockwave
[07-11-2007] - TechNewsWorld.com

For a device that's been on the market all of four months, the iPhone certainly has had more than its share of impact. Armed with slick software that gives it a dazzling interface and a touch-sensitive screen that's the envy of the wireless industry, Apple's first wireless device [...]

IPHONE FUN STUFF - tiphones.com
Hot Bikini Babe Destroys Apple iPhone
[06-11-2007] - YouTube.com

Is there a sexy way to destroy an iPhone?
Here it is, maybe...

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Android isn´t seen as a threat to iPhone
[06-11-2007] - San Jose Mercury News

What about the iPhone? Despite being peppered with iPhone questions on a conference call with journalists, Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Andy Rubin, the company's director of mobile platforms, tried gamely to keep the focus on Android, Google's new mobile phone platform.

IPHONE HOW-TO - tiphones.com
Top Ten iPhone Secrets You May Want To Know
[06-11-2007] - MobileMag

The following list of ten hints may or may not be in the iPhone user manual, but these juicy shortcuts and hidden features will make your Apple iPhone experience that much sweeter. Oh, and I guess they'll make you more efficient too, but that's secondary.

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Apple closes iPhone backdoor in the UK
[06-11-2007] - TechWorld

Want Wi-Fi? Say goodbye to third-party apps.
Apple is to introduce new firmware to prevent UK iPhone users from unlocking the device and installing of third-party applications.

iPhone to ship with new Firmware 1.1.2 in Europe
[05-11-2007] - Addict 3D

The Apple iPhone will start to ship on November 9th in the UK and Germany. Gadget magazine T3 already got a review unit of the iPhone in the UK and found that the iPhone for the UK has a new firmware installed.

IPHONE WIDGETS - tiphones.com
Plusmo Launches iPhone NFL, NCAA Widgets
[04-11-2007] - Plusmo

Plusmo Launches iPhone NFL, NCAA Widgets

Also announces NFL, NCAA web widget for bloggers

Plusmo, the world's leading provider of mobile widgets, announced today the launch of free NFL and NCAA football widgets for the Apple iPhone.
Plusmo's sports widgets make it easy fo [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
iPhone screensaver
[04-11-2007] - All About Symbian

iPhone screensaver for your mobile phone - chage your mobile phone to iPhone! If you have mobile device with Flash Lite 2.x player, for exapmle, such us Nokia N95, this is perfect thing for you!

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Google to announce mobile platform Monday; target: iPhone?
[04-11-2007] - Addict 3D

Google negotiators this weekend continue to hammer out agreements with wireless carriers, handset makers, software developers and hardware providers, as the company prepares to announce on Monday an ambitious platform for creating mobile applications.

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
Devicescape Wi-Fi Auto Connect Software Now Available for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch
[03-11-2007] - Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance

Devicescape Software announced today that its industry leading Devicescape Wi-Fi auto-connect software is now available for use on the Apple iPhone and the Apple iPod Touch.

AT&T Launches International Service Plan For iPhone
[03-11-2007] - TechWeb via Yahoo! News

The plan gives iPhone users 50 Mbytes of data per month to browse the Web, check e-mail, and access other information in 29 countries.

T-Mobile Germany unveils plans for iPhone launch
[03-11-2007] - Digital Media Europe

T-Mobile Germany will start selling the Apple iPhone at midnight on 9 November in Cologne.

IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
iPhone Week: Tip of the Day - Contact Scrolling
[03-11-2007] - Pocket-lint via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News

Helping you get the most out of the iPhone

IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
More than 100,000 iPhone owners break out of jail
[01-11-2007] - CNET

The release of an easy-to-install method of getting third-party applications onto the iPhone prompted about 144,000 downloads of the software in three days.

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Time picks iPhone as invention of year
[01-11-2007] - San Jose Mercury News

Back in the early 80's Time named the Computer itself was named 'Man of the year': time has passed by since then...

Time magazine has named the iPhone "Invention of the Year." Apple's latest darling topped dozens of other creations that made leaps in environmentally friendl [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
MacCaption Helps Bring Closed Captions to the iPod and iPhone
[31-10-2007] - www.iPodPalace.com

Not only are Apple's iPod and iPhone the most popular portable music devices in the world, now they can provide the consumer with true portable closed captioned video.

Many videos currently can be viewed on these devices.

However few of them are captioned, because it is s [...]

Australia´s Telstra in iPhone Talks With Apple, No Decision
[31-10-2007] - Cellular-News.com

MELBOURNE -(Dow Jones)- Telstra Corp. has had talks with Apple, which is planning to launch its iPhone handset in Australia next year, and is testing the device, a company spokesman said Wednesday.

T-Mobile Germany Announced iPhone Tariff Details
[31-10-2007] - Cellular-News.com

T-Mobile Germany has announced the tariffs it plans to offer for the Apple iPhone when it goes on sale next month. The new tariffs start at euro 49 (US$71) per month, and include unlimited data, Visual Voicemail and access to T-Mobile's more than 8,000 Wi-Fi HotSpots in Germany.

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
iPhone jailbreak for the masses released
[30-10-2007] - ZDNet Asia

Third-party applications for the iPhone won't be released until early next year, but there's an easy-to-install new jailbreaking application out this week if you can't wait.

8Bananas Enables A2DP on iPhone via iBlueT Bluetooth Dongle and Stereo Headset Solution
[28-10-2007] - PRWeb

Bananas Bluetooth accessories division, will be taking pre-orders for their high quality yet affordable "Made for iPod" Bluetooth A2DP dongle and Bluetooth Stereo headset sets for iPhone and iPod owners.

Imagine leaving your iPhone in your backpack while going for a bike ride [...]

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Apple limits iPhone to two per customer
[28-10-2007] - UPI

Apple has begun limiting sales of its popular iPhone to two per customer and no longer accepts cash for payment.

"We're requiring a credit or debit card for payment to discourage unauthorized resellers,” said Apple spokesperson Natalie Kerris, calling the demand for the iPhone [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
BitDefender Adds Detection for Apple iPhone Exploit
[27-10-2007] - Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance

BitDefender, an award-winning provider of antivirus software and data security solutions, has updated its antivirus software solutions with signatures designed to detect malformed TIFF files created to exploit a vulnerability in the iPhone Safari browser.

Truphone to Demonstrate First VoIP-over-WiFi Call on Apple´s iPhone
[24-09-2007] - ThomasNet

Truphone will today give the first public demonstration of a Voice over Internet Protocol over Wi-Fi phone call on the Apple iPhone. Chief executive officer James Tagg will make the VoIP call in front of an audience of 350 delegates to DEMOfall 07 in San Diego, CA. The company wi [...]

IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
Revirginizer Tool Makes iPhone Firmware 1.1.1 Safe For Unlocked Phones
[25-10-2007] - MobileMag

So, you got yourself an Apple iPhone very early on. You enjoyed its multi-touch display and loved it even more when you could hack into the 1.0.2 firmware, unlocking the device for use with any GSM provider. And then, it happened. The evil 1.1.1 firmware arrived and death rained [...]

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Future of iPhone Apps: Look to Apple´s Next-Generation OS, Leopard
[25-10-2007] - Wired News

Features in the upcoming release of Apple's operating system, Leopard, may give clues to how iPhone development will work once the iPhone software-development kit appears next year. Of particular interest to developers are Leopard's security features. [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
Sybase Brings Enterprise E-mail to iPhone
[25-10-2007] - PC World via Yahoo! News

Sybase has confirmed plans to offer full client support for the iPhone within its Information Anywhere Suite.

WiTopia adds free iPhone VPN for subscribers
[25-10-2007] - Macworld.com via Yahoo! News

The security-focused hosting firm WiTopia has added a bonus to its virtual private networking (VPN) service a separate, free account for use with the iPhone or other devices.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
A First Tussle With Linux´s iPhone Killer: The OpenMoko Neo1973
[25-10-2007] - Wired News

The next great mobile hope for Linux, the Neo1973, has arrived. Wired News has a first look at the most promising open source alternative to the iPhone.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
IOGEAR GearJuice Charger Now iPhone Compatible
[25-10-2007] - Addict 3D

Heavy iPhone users will like the announcement made today by IOGEAR. IOGEAR now says that the GearJuice Mobile Pocket Power device works with the iPhone.The GearJuice device is supplied with six adapters that allow it to power multiple gadgets from Blackber...

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
iPhone could drive citywide Wi-Fi
[24-10-2007] - ZDNet Asia

Wi-Fi enabled phones, like the iPhone, will drive demand for fast wireless broadband networks like the ones cities want to build using Wi-Fi, experts say.

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
Learning with the iPod touch
[24-10-2007] - Macworld UK

DominKnow has announced the beta version of its iPod touch and iPhone-optimized Touch Learning Center portal for the dominKnow Learning Content Management System (LCMS).

The education and iPod story has grow stronger with the announcement of new beta e-learning software the iP [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
BitDefender Adds Detection for Apple iPhone Exploit
[24-10-2007] - Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance

BitDefender, an award-winning provider of antivirus software and data security solutions, has updated its antivirus software solutions with signatures designed to detect malformed TIFF files created to exploit a vulnerability in the iPhone Safari browser.

IPHONE AT WORK - tiphones.com
The iPod touch: A business tool, too
[23-10-2007] - Macworld UK

Apple's new iPod touch is a revolutionary device, much like its iPhone cousin. It offers in one svelte package a host of cool features, everything from web browsing over WiFi to VPN access and a host of enterprise-useful apps. Sure, you can listen to music, but there's also a pra [...]

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Shocker: The iPhone Is AT&T´s Top-Selling Handset
[22-10-2007] - InformationWeek

I don't know about you, but I am stunned.
Strategy Analytics put together some statistics to show that the iPhone (you know, the sort-of revolutionary device no one can shut up about) is AT&T's best seller and the fourth-best selling mobile phone in the U.S. You'll never g [...]

Apple gears up to unlock iPhone
[22-10-2007] - Gulf News

May 29. Mark your calendars, Apple fans. That's the day, if all goes according to plan, that Apple officially unlocks the iPhone.

Review: Accessories help keep iPhone its shiny self, but are they worth the money?
[21-10-2007] - The Journal News

Anyone who owns Apple Inc.'s iPhone knows that it can be mighty difficult to keep the sleek smart phone shining. But is it necessary to shell out more money to keep the gadget in pristine condition?

If you're among the million people who've snatched up the combo iPod-cell phon [...]

IPHONE FANS - tiphones.com
Survey Shows Apple iPhone With Huge Lead in Customer Satisfaction
[20-10-2007] - Cellular-News.com

The latest ChangeWave Research USA consumer cell phone survey, completed Oct. 2, 2007, finds the Apple iPhone has continued to enjoy solid growth while racing to a huge lead in terms of customer satisfaction.

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
Lotus Notes for iPhone, iPod Touch
[20-10-2007] - PC World

CommonTime announces software to enable Lotus Notes support on the iPhone.

CommonTime is returning to an Apple platform with the announcement of its solution to enable Lotus Notes support on the iPhone.

The company made its announcement of iPhone s [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
iLike iPhone Applications
[19-10-2007] - Forbes

How to have fun with your iPhone right now.

At last! Apple has finally promised developers the tools they'll need to create software that runs on the iPhone. But before programmers rush to their basements with Mountain Dew and laptops in hand, and before iPhone hold-outs queue [...]

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
Apple to Release Unlocked iPhone in France
[19-10-2007] - PC World via Yahoo! News

Apple is releasing an unlocked version of the iPhone that will allow users to run it on various cellular networks. But you have to live in France to get it.

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
News: Ambrosia updates iToner with iPhone 1.1.1 support
[18-10-2007] - MacCentral Online

Ambrosia Software has updated its custom iPhone ringtone tool, iToner, adding support for iPhone software 1.1.1.

Apple to Offer Third-Party iPhone SDK
[18-10-2007] - Addict 3D

Today in one of his open letters to the world, on Apple's Hot News section of their site, Steve Jobs announced that in February of next year, Apple will release a third party SDK to developers, enabling native applications not just on the iPhone but on the iPod Touch.

Apple to open iPhone programming to outsiders
[18-10-2007] - International Herald Tribune

Responding to frustration from customers and software makers, Apple has changed its policies to encourage independent developers to build programs for the iPhone.

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Sprint offering rival to iPhone
[18-10-2007] - The Myrtle Beach Sun News

It's official: Touch screens are the big new thing in cell phones this holiday season. Sprint Nextel Corp. announced Wednesday it is jumping on the bandwagon with the Touch by HTC. Like Apple Inc.'s iPhone, this smart phone has only a few buttons and is designed to be controlled [...]

IPHONE IN EUROPE - tiphones.com
Now It´s Really Official: Apple And Orange Announce IPhone Partnership In France
[17-10-2007] - paidContent.org via Yahoo! Finance

The delayed announcement of Orange selling the iPhone in France has finally come through much the same details as in Germany (399 euros ) and rumors of Apple getting 30 percent of services revenue.

Report: iPhone software development kit due in early 2008
[17-10-2007] - CNET

BusinessWeek says the iPhone may be opened to third-party developers after Leopard is released.

Is Apple ready to embrace developers for the iPhone?

According to one report Tuesday morning, yes. BusinessWeek cites sources "familiar with the company's plans" who say Apple wi [...]

IPHONE HOW-TO - tiphones.com
How much is different web browsing on iPod touch vs. iPhone?
[16-10-2007] - YouTube.com

You may ask how different is browsing with Safari on the iPhone and on the (more recent) iPod touch.

Given you're using Safari and the built-in Wi-Fi connection you should expect pretty much the same speed and browsing experience, should you?

Here's some clue from this iLou [...]

Controversy Grows Where the iPhone Goes
[16-10-2007] - TechNewsWorld.com

Apple's new iPhone is giving the mobile phone industry a slap round the face. However, there's controversy everywhere for iPhone users in the UK as well as in the U.S., where the devices have been on sale for nearly three months. The UK announcement was greeted with howls from th [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
Facebook makes it onto iPhone
[15-10-2007] - AAP via Yahoo!7 News

Apple has released a list of apps, or web-based applications available for the iPhone, which include social networking website Facebook.

The list of more than 200 iPhone "apps" includes games, news aggregators and utilities.
The most popular programs have been Facebook, Beje [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
Handy iPhone lists
[14-10-2007] - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Apple's iPhone is a tiny Mac in your pocket, and it just cries out to be filled with software.

For better or for worse, Apple controls what programs make it onto the phone.

But the iPhone's Safari Web browser can be a portal to all kinds of software, and Web sites such as A [...]

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Usability test: Apple iPhone vs its rivals
[13-10-2007] - PC Advisor

iPhone, Nokia N95 & HTC Touch usability compared The Apple iPhone's UK launch date is just around the corner but, after all the build-up, is it worth your hard-earned cash? We found out whether the iPhone lives up the hype by testing it against two of its closes rivals - the N [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
The Weather Channel Interactive Launches Web Application for iPhone and iPod touch
[12-10-2007] - PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance

Free Web Application Features Detailed Forecasts, Severe Weather Alerts and New Interactive Maps

The Weather Channel® Interactive (TWCI) today announced the launch of a completely optimized weather application for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The new application requires no [...]

IPHONE SOFTWARE - tiphones.com
Apple Launches iPhone Web Apps Directory
[12-10-2007] - TechWeb via Yahoo! News

The featured Web software includes a Facebook application that connects the iPhone to friends' pages, allowing users to upload and share photos, or send and receive messages.

Apple loosens grip on iPhone apps
[12-10-2007] - vnunet.com

Company said to be allowing 'limited' development.

Apple is reportedly looking into allowing developers more access to the iPhone.

Several media reports have cited sources within the company as saying that Apple may allow developers to place applications on the device itsel [...]

IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
iPod Touch Hacked to Run iPhone Third-Party Apps
[12-10-2007] - MobileMag

While the latest iPhone firmware seems to lock out most third party applications, the iPod Touch is seemingly all ready to go with all sorts of additional applications, including that awesome NES emulator.

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Apple prepares iPhone 2 for 2008
[12-10-2007] - PC Advisor

Speaks to Far East partners over iPhone 2 Apple is already working on the development of the second-generation iPhone, as confirmed by Apple CEO Steve Jobs in September, but the new iPhone may be ready for the new year.

IPHONE FANS - tiphones.com
Report: 3% of U.S. Teens Surveyed Already Own iPhones
[11-10-2007] - CNN.com

Piper Jaffray & Co. recently announced the results of its 14th biannual proprietary research survey, "Taking Stock With Teens," a national study on teen spending habits and retail brand perceptions.

If the 980 students who participate in Piper Jaffray's bi-annual survey of Ame [...]

France Telecom confirms has signed iPhone contract; French launch in November
[11-10-2007] - Sharewatch

CLERMONT-FERRAND, France (Thomson Financial) - France Telecom chief executive Didier Lombard confirmed the group has signed a contract with Apple Inc making its Orange unit the distributor of the iPhone in France and said the launch will take place "during November."

France Telecom CEO sees Apple iPhone contract uncertainty resolved by end-Nov
[10-10-2007] - FinanzNachrichten

PARIS (Thomson Financial) - France Telecom chief executive Didier Lombard said he expects the situation regarding its Orange unit's exclusive deal to market Apple Inc's new iPhone mobile phone to be resolved by the end of November.

Apple and Orange iPhone deal inches forward
[10-10-2007] - Macworld UK

Apple and Orange seems close to resolving the exclusive French iPhone distribution deal, reports claim. Apple announced a November 9 launch point for the device in the UK (with O2) and Germany (with T-Mobile) last month, but a French announcement was never made.

Applists.com to Bring Better Quality Apps to iPhone by Uniting Owners and Developers
[09-10-2007] - PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance

Just days after releasing their Applists.com version 2.0 upgrade, Elias Corporation makes a call for better quality apps for the iPhone's Safari platform.

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
iPhone Surfing with Fast Pages
[09-10-2007] - SYS-CON Media

A vast majority of users of Blackberry, Blackjack, Pearl, Nokia, Treo, LG, Motorola Q, iPhone and all smartphones say they now use them solely for e-mail and text messaging with an occasional disappointing peak at the web. This failure is largely due to the hassle of typing lengt [...]

IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
iPodObserver - iPhone 1.1.1 One Step Closer to Jailbreak
[09-10-2007] - The Mac Observer

Apple's iPhone 1.1.1 is one step closer to opening up for third party apps now that the iPhone Dev Team has managed to implement a jailbreak on the smart phone. The unsupported hack allows only a subset of non-Apple applications to run, but developers are already hard at work exp [...]

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Apple Posts New iPhone TV Ads
[09-10-2007] - PC World

Can't get enough of iPhone?

Apple has a new string of iPhone television ads for the U.S. market that you can now view online at Apple's Web site.

The ads are "man in the street" testimonials - iPhone users shot literally on the sidewalk, against a black backdrop - explainin [...]

France Telecom to say soon if it will stay exclusive French iPhone distributor
[09-10-2007] - FinanzNachrichten

PARIS (Thomson Financial) - Talks between France Telecom and Apple over distribution of Apple's iPhone in France remain difficult, and France Telecom will announce in the next few days whether or not it will remain the exclusive distributor, the newspaper Journal du Dimanche said [...]

A Gold-Plated iPhone
[09-10-2007] - Cellular-News.com

A UK based company which covers consumer goods with gold says that it is preparing to launch a gold-plated version of the Apple iPhone later this month. The company has not issued a price for the exclusive model yet.

As the phone has a full fascia screen, the gold plating is [...]

IPHONE HACKS - tiphones.com
Fully Working iPhone Hack For 1.1.1 Getting Closer
[09-10-2007] - InformationWeek

Many of our readers wrote in over the weekend to inform me that my post from Friday, "Apple iPhone Update 1.1.1 Has Been Hacked," was not completely accurate. The hack at the time only allowed access to file directories on the iPhone, and did not completely open the new upgra [...]

IPHONE RIVALS - tiphones.com
Japanese Device Challenges iPhone
[08-10-2007] - PC World via Yahoo! News

Apple Inc.'s iPhone may still have the world's heart aflutter, despite a sharp price cut that stiffed early adopters and the recent release of a software update that turned some unlocked iPhones into electronic bricks. But there's more to the world of cell phones than Apple, and [...]

IPHONE GAMES - tiphones.com
Game developer pleads for iPhone chance
[07-10-2007] - Macworld UK

Independent game developer Isotope 244 has released Machines at War, a turn-based strategy game that combines qualities of that genre with arcade style game-play.

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Apple may open iPhone when Leopard ships
[07-10-2007] - MacNN

Apple may open up its iPhone to third-party developers who receive the blessing of Steve Jobs when the company ships Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard later this month, according to 9to5Mac. Rumors are circulating that the Cupertino-based company is speaking with partners who develop games a [...]

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
iPhone Business Model Hits a Snag in France
[07-10-2007] - Slashdot

Serhei writes "It seems like the iPhone might not be released in France by this holiday season, since French requires by law that all cell phones sold there must be obtainable in an unlocked version. Apple will not be able to do so, since it has launched with a 5-year exclusivity [...]

France Telecom to say soon if it will stay exclusive French iPhone distributor
[07-10-2007] - Sharewatch

PARIS (Thomson Financial) - Talks between France Telecom and Apple over distribution of Apple's iPhone in France remain difficult, and France Telecom will announce in the next few days whether or not it will remain the exclusive distributor, the newspaper Journal du Dimanche said [...]

O2 UK digs deep for iPhone ad splash
[07-10-2007] - ZDNet

TV and poster marketing will cost millions, target "high value" customers and be carrier's "most significant" campaign, says CEO. Spanish-owned O2 UK and U.S. consumer electronics group Apple plan to launch a multimillion-dollar joint advertising campaign later this month as they [...]

22Moo Releases New Range of Video Eyewear and Bluetooth Accessories for the iPod and iPhone
[06-10-2007] - PRWeb

22Moo announces an amazing new range of video eyewear and must-have Bluetooth accessories for iPod and iPhone owners including a pair of sub-$200 35" video glasses, an amazing 3D supported portable DVD player and video glasses set, a sleek and stylish Star-Trek inspired hi-res vi [...]

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
O2 UK digs deep for iPhone advertising splash
[05-10-2007] - Reuters via Yahoo! News

Spanish-owned O2 UK and Apple plan to launch a multi-million pound joint advertising campaign later this month as they get ready to bring iPhones to Britain.

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Truphone Brings True VoIP to iPhone
[27-09-2007] - Wired News

Wired reports on a cool iPhone (maybe killer...) app:

It's still in beta, but UK VoIP-meisters Truphone have successfully made calls over WiFi using an iPhone.

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Run Mac OS X Widgets on your iPhone, almost...
[19-09-2007] - Tuaw

The Apple iPhone has certainly expanded its functionality in its first couple of months on the market, largely with no thanks to Steve Jobs and Cupertino itself. Leave it up to [...]

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Losing Money on the iPhone and Making It Up on Volume
[18-09-2007] - NyTimes.com

Apple is likely to make so much money from its share of iPhone usage fees paid to wireless phone companies that it can sell the product at a loss and still make money. It can even cover the cost of its $100 rebates to people who bought the phone before it cut the price to $399.

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
iPhoneSIMfree Is Now Available For Purchase
[11-09-2007] - InformationWeek.com

Looks like you can now begin unlocking iPhones at your earliest convenience.
Engadget claims that iPhoneSIMfree's software is now available for purchase online from four online retailers.

Here is a look at iPhoneSIMfree's commercial launch:

Wireless Imports in t [...]

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
The iPhone Book by Scott Kelby and Terry White
[03-09-2007] - iPodPalace.com

USBFever releases iPhone 7-in-1 FM Transmitter with Remote & USB Charging Port
[31-07-2007] - USBFever.com

USBFever already had a 5-in-1 product, but now their new release combined the advantages of each other, it means the 7-in-1 iPod Car FM transmitter has a [...]

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
After iPhone Worries, a String of Encouraging Signs
[29-07-2007] - New York Times

This week all eyes were following the gyrating stock market, clues to the iPhone's popularity were revealed, Barclays pursued ABN Amro, and the United States and China cracked down on software piracy.

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Profiting from iPhone craze? Unlikely
[27-07-2007] - Post-Gazette.com

There's an interesting story about iPhones and people trying to profit from the craze around...

With lines snaking around Apple stores and hype in overdrive, the iPhone seemed like a good investment -- not for keeping but for reselling.

There are, after all, plenty of ex [...]

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Apple´s iPhone faces tougher rivals than iPod
[27-07-2007] - Hindustan Times

The iPhone and Apple Inc's desktop computers may be vulnerable to hackers due to a flaw in their Web browser, according to a security firm, which said it found a way to hack into the iPhone.

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Strategy Analytics: Nokia N95 and Apple iPhone Raise the Bar for Mobile Multimedia
[27-07-2007] - Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance

BOSTON----Strategy Analytics has conducted the first end user evaluation of the much heralded iPhone with its panel of multimedia buyers in Boston, MA. The latest Wireless Device Laboratory report, "Nokia N95 and Apple iPhone Set New Standards for Multimedia Devices," reveals th [...]

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Tech security firm claims iPhone vulnerable to hack
[26-07-2007] - AFP via Yahoo!7 News

We wondered when someone would come out with something like this...

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) - A computer security firm said Monday that it found a way to hack into Apple's new iPhones, take command of the devices and steal stored information.

Maybe some of the stored inf [...]

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Gadget fan gets hold of Apple´s iPhone ahead of official launch in Asia
[20-07-2007] - Channel NewsAsia via Yahoo! Singapore News

SINGAPORE: Some say it is probably the most coveted gadget of the year!

IPHONE NEWS - tiphones.com
Your iPod gadgets will need help to work with iPhone
[14-07-2007] - The Wichita Eagle

The hundreds of thousands of people who have bought the Apple iPhone since its debut on June 29 may soon start looking for add-on hardware and software for their shiny new devices. At first glance, this should be easy. The iPhone uses the same hardware ports as the iPod, which [...]

First comes the hype, then the actual iPhone; now, the accessories
[13-07-2007] - International Herald Tribune

It is not just Apple that stands to make big profits from its effort to redefine the mobile phone industry.

iPhone accessories: again a roundup from iPodPalace.com
[11-07-2007] - www.iPodPalace.com

It's no surprise iPhone add-ons went on sale well before the iPhone did since Apple's iPod has spawned a flourishing accessory market, so we checked again some them!

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